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Andrew Hartig


Pacifica, California, United States

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Owner of ~Andrew Hartig Custom Strings~

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Musicologist, Luthier, String Seller/Maker


Andrew Hartig Custom Strings for Period Wire-Strung Instruments

~Custom Strings || Instrument Construction, Repair, & Restoration ~

I have been playing lute and other early music instruments since 1993. I started the Renaissance Cittern Site in 1999 and began devoting my time to instrument building and string construction in 2006. I have focused most of my research and interest on early wire-strung instruments.

I have written about citterns and wire-strung instruments for the column “The Wire Connection,” in the Lute Society of America Quarterly. I have contributed instrument and music source information for citterns, bandoras, and orpharions to the synoptic pull-out poster of The Lute in Europe 2: Lutes, Guitars, Mandolins, and Citterns (2011) by Andreas Schlegel and Joachim Lüdtke. My most recent research contribution has been writing articles on the many styles of cittern tablatures for the forthcoming Encyclopaedia of Tablature being published by the Centre d’Etudes Superieures de la Renaissance in Tours. In addition to providing the early music community with custom wire strings, I also build, repair, and restore instruments.

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