Over several centuries, the lute generated a large and varied repertoire that remains a vital part of our cultural heritage. The Lute Society of America is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of this music in all its varied forms through performance, preservation, education and research. 

The Lute Society of America aspires to build inclusive musical communities, inspires through research and performance, and promotes historical plucked strings in the 21st Century.

The LSA aspires to create inclusive musical communities through its open membership, international forums (including print and social media) and festivals, all available to players at all levels, luthiers, musicologists, and other interested individuals.

The LSA inspires through its annual and quarterly publications that curate and disseminate information including scholarly research, print music (old and new), iconography, and performance practices and techniques.

The LSA promotes historical plucked strings in the 21st Century through performances by professionals and students alike; reviews of recordings, performances and scholarship; instrument rentals; and active outreach efforts, including local and regional activities and chapters.