Facsimile Collection

This members-only listing represents the holdings of the Lute Society of America Facsimile Collection (formerly, Microfilm Library) as of October 2018. External links to digital images have been provided when available for free to the public. The remaining items have been scanned from films and photocopies in the LSA collection. These pdfs may be used by LSA members for educational research.

The LSA collection microfilm and photocopy masters are now housed at the Kulas Music Library at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland Ohio as The Stephen and Jean Toombs Lute Music Collection. Loans of the physical microfilms and photocopies are no longer available.

A note about external links: URLS are often changed. If you get a “page not found” message, you might do a search at the specific website, or even do a general search, to see if you can find a new address. If you find a broken link, please contact Sean Smith.

The quality of the pdfs vary, as many of the items in the collection are duplicates of well-used copies donated by LSA members. For better quality, you may find facsimile editions available for sale from publishers who have painstakingly cleaned and enhanced the images. Some of these works may be out of print, but may be accessible through your local academic library or public library’s interlibrary loan system. Please support print and online publishers’ efforts to keep lute music coming.

In this listing only short titles are given. In the “Siglum” field, dates with a backslash (\) indicate a reference to that publication’s entry in Howard Mayer Brown, Instrumental Music Printed Before 1600, Cambridge, MA, 1965, 2000.

We wish to thank LSA Past President Michael Grant for initiating and coordinating the effort to bring the LSA collection into the digital world. Thank you to LSA Administrator Nancy Carlin for wisdom on just about any aspect of the project, to Marlene Johnshoy and Phil Rukavina for help with website issues, and to Larry and Lois Stover for their careful imaging. We would like to acknowledge our informal team of internet searchers: Rainer aus dem Spring, Sean Smith, Markus Lutz, and Nancy Carlin.  We are also grateful to Gary Boye, who prepared the Facsimile Collection for transport to the new LSA website.