Online LuteFest 2021

June 27th – July 3rd

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Plan to join us for the first ever Online Lute Fest with classes, lectures, lessons and concerts – a week not to be missed! This year, you will have the opportunity to choose to register for classes à la carte, by picking and choosing the ones you wish to attend, or to register for the whole week at a discounted rate.


Click on the name of each faculty member to read their bio.

Robert Barto
Sylvain Bergeron
Xavier Díaz-Latorre
Eduardo Egüez
Jakob Lindberg
Christopher Morrongiello
Nigel North
Charles Weaver
Bor Zuljan

Class Schedule

This year, the average day at the LSA LuteFest will look a little different from previous years! There will be two class periods (with two different options to choose from for each period), a masterclass, and a concert. More details will be available when registration opens. All times are in EST.

Master Classes 12:30-2:15

Monday – Jakob Lindberg
Tuesday – Boz Zuljan
Wednesday – Nigel North
Thursday – Xavier Diaz-Latorre
Friday – Eduardo Egüez
Saturday – Robert Barto

Concerts 7:30pm

Monday – Nigel North
Tuesday – Bor Zuljan
Wednesday – Xavier Diaz-Latorre
Thursday – Robert Barto
Friday – Jakob Lindberg
3:30pm Saturday – Eduardo Egüez

Classes 10:00-11:45AM

Eduardo Egüez – Articulation : How to “Speak” with the Instrument
Chris Morrongiello – Fundamentals of Renaissance Lute Playing
Bor Zuljan – The sound of the lute in the 16th and 17th century
Robert Barto – Early German Baroque Lute Music
Jakob Lindberg – The Captain of the Fingers
Robert Barto – “Late German Baroque Lute Music
Xavier Diaz-Latorre – An Approach to Italian Basso Continuo
Charles Weaver – Playing from the Paston Manuscripts
Sylvain Bergeron – Lute Playground Ahead (Find Your Way Thru This
Extraordinary Labyrinth)
Nigel North – Reusner – Secrets and Joys

Classes 3:15-5:00PM

Bor Zuljin – Ricercar una fantasia: Improvising Counterpoint from
Spinacino to Da Milano
Charles Weaver – Partimento and Plucked Instruments
Sylvain Bergeron – Introduction to Continuo: Developing the Skills
Nigel North – Divide and Conquer – An Introductory Guide to 16th Century
Chris Morrongiello – Discover Dd.2.11
Jakob Lindberg – Grace Notes: How to Play Them
Sylvain Bergeron – A Look to the left (left hand technique)
Eduardo Egüez – Prosody: The Rhythm and Intonation of Language
Chris Morrongiello – Treasures of the Capirola Lute Book
Xavier Díaz-Latorre – Improving our Technical Skills on the Guitar and the Lute


Festival Director – Jason Priset