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6 Course Renaissance Lute by Martin Shepherd

December 2, 2021

For Sale

6-course renaissance lute after Laux Maler
String length 670 mm.
Comes with a made to measure Kingham case. A lovely instrument with a clear, powerful and dark tone, very easy to play and wonderfully well balanced. I am only selling because I don’t have time to play it… 
Lute and case are both in very good condition.

EUR 4,500
Lyon, France

5 Course Baroque Guitar

December 2, 2021

For Sale

Ribs made of maple, soundboard European Spruce. Comes with hard case. For all other details, please contact me.

EUR 1,300


12 course Lute by Lars Jönsson 2010

November 25, 2021

For Sale

12 course double head Baroque Lute made by luthier Lars Jönsson 2010. Body after Warwick Frei. String lengths: 68, 73, 78, 84 and 90 cm. Can be tuned in BL/Accord nouveau tuning for solo or in G as an English “Theorbo lute” for continuo use. Instrument is in mint condition and sounds great. Used for the CD “Lyra Sonora” in 2017, see link for sound samples.

The lute is in Sweden and can be delivered in person in Scandinavia.

EUR 4,300 Buyer pays shipping and insurance.

French Theorbo by Lars Jönsson 2018

November 25, 2021

For Sale

Excellent French Theorbo made by luthier Lars Jönsson 2018 inspired by the famous painting possibly portraying Robert de Visée. String length 85/114 which makes for a travel friendly, yet full sounding instrument.

Courses 6-14 can be single or double strung depending on taste and context. When double strung it sounds like a VERY strong Swan Neck BL combined with the benefits of single strung full length chord strings of the classic theorbo, perfect for chamber music and solo playing. When single strung with wound strings the sound is like a “normal” theorbo.

Located in Sweden and can be delivered in person at very low cost in Scandinavia.

EUR 6,000 Buyer pays shipping and insurance.

6 Course Renaissance Descant Lute (2021)

November 19, 2021

For Sale

After W. Venere c1580 – Luthier: Daniel Yost
String length 44 cm, tuned in D.
Mahogany and maple.
Fingerboard and peg: ebony.
Bridge: Swiss pear tree.
Built based on Robert Lundberg’s blueprints and Grant Tomlinson’s archives. Excellent instrument for ensembles. Does not include a case (I offer a simple wooden box for safe transport).

USD 2,500 + shipping
Buffalo, New York, United States

Vihuela in G

November 10, 2021

For Sale

Vihuela of study in G, 440H
Francisco Hervás, Granada, 2021
Rope length 57 cm
Spruce top, cypress back, sides and neck. Rosewood fingerboard. Pear tree bridge, walnut pegbox, jujube pegs.
All woods are very old, dry and stable. Hard case included

EUR 1,850
Granada, Spain

Theorbo by Michael Schreiner, 2018 & 2020

November 7, 2021

For Sale

78/105 cm, reworked by maker in 2020. Strung in Gamut 14–6 (Gimp silver, Gimp, Lyon, wound gut core), Aquila NNG 5–1. Kingham case. New condition.

Bold, complex, loveable sound; rings like a larger theorbo and cuts through lighter textures of a period-instrument orchestra effortlessly. Swan neck extension commissioned by me for less back strain and greater portability. I love its sound, but the instrument’s shell is incompatible with my body size, so I must try again.

The price is $9000 USD, what I paid with the Larson strings. Can be played in Philadelphia. Buyer pays shipping, but prefer in-person collection.

Videos & photos below.
In each of these videos, the lute is heard through the house mains. The lute mic is off.
• Video Chamber
• Video String Orchestra
• Video Full Orchestra

USD 9,000 + shipping
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

8 Course Renaissance Lute

November 3, 2021

For Sale

8 course renaissance lute for sale, I got it in an auction in Vancouver BC, it doesn’t have a luthier mark so I don’t know who made it but from the look of it, it might be a beginner lute.
The lute is in very good condition; it doesn’t have cracks or major scratches. It comes with recently changed gut frets and aquila nylgut strings (except for two basses that were replaced for copper strings). I am letting it go because I got a high end one.

Scale: 60cm


USD 700 + shipping
Medellín, Colombia

6 course lute by Maurice Ottiger

October 17, 2021

For Sale

6 course lute by Maurice OTTIGER (2001)
61cm, 15 ribs in flamed maple,
based on the Reilich body – round, large and very shallow:
Very comfortable to hold and play and extremely powerful instrument.
As new, comes with a velvet lined Kingham MTM case.

EUR 3,800
Basel, Switzerland
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