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11 Course Baroque Lute by Anatoli Gundilowicz 69cm (2016)

April 20, 2024

For Sale

11 Course Baroque Lute by Anatoli Gundilowicz – 2016 – 69cm
Spruce top, maple back, plumwood pegs, ebony fingerboard.
Nylon Pyramid strings.

Custom case by Romanowicz.

USD 3,000 + Shipping
Texas, United States

13 Course Swanneck Baroque lute by Andrei Shkloda

April 20, 2024

For Sale

Dear Colleagues,
I am selling my very dear 13 – course baroque lute, built by my uncle Andrei Shkloda. It is a very beautiful lute, string length 69/95 cm
Here is a Bourree by S.L. Weiss i played on it last month.
Please feel free to as for more information, The lute comes with a made to measure case.
The price is 3700 euro including case. The lute is located in Bydgoszcz, Poland and can be shipped with the worldwide.
Additional photos available here.

EUR 3,700
Bydgoszcz, Poland

Auction: 7 Course Alto Renaissance Lute by Benjamin Kratchmer (2024)

April 17, 2024

For Sale

The Oneota Valley Community Orchestra (Decorah, IA) announces a 7-course, alto Renaissance lute in G made by luthier and woodworker Benjamin Kratchmer available for online auction sale. The lute is 59.8 cm in length with 11 ribs of flamed maple with black spacers, neck veneered in flamed maple with broad black stripes, pear wood bridge, ebony binding and fingerboard, bone fret nut, and boxwood pegs. It is strung in New Nylgut and is well suited for the works of Dowland. The opening bid for the lute is $1,000 USD.
The online auction will open on Sunday, April 28th and close on Friday, May 3rd at 5 p.m. Central Time. The Galabid online site for the auction is Proceeds from the auction will benefit OVCO The winning bidder will assume the cost of shipping the instrument and OVCO will provide the cost of shipping insurance. OVCO is a community ensemble based in Decorah which is located in the northeast part of the state. Attached is a photo of the instrument. For a photo expose of the building process of this instrument, go to Direct questions about the lute to Ben Kratchmer
A 2010 graduate of Luther College in Decorah, Kratchmer brings a liberal arts background in music, philosophy, biology, and religion to the field of lute making. In addition to making lutes, Ben is also a fine woodworker, furniture designer-maker and violist.
1,000 opening bid
United States

Alfio Leone Mandolin

April 16, 2024

For Sale

Alfio Leone Mandolin, Italy. Mandolute or Lombard Mandolin. Copy of 18th century style, likely made in the 1950’s or 1960’s. Bowl back. Includes a case.

Local pickup only in the central NJ & greater NYC to Philadelphia area.

USD 1,000
United States

EMS Heritage 5 Course Baroque Guitar 

April 13, 2024

For Sale

EMS Heritage Baroque Guitar
5 course
Mint condition
Comes with semi-rigid gig case

USD 1,000
Garden Grove, California, United States

11 Course Lute by Lars Jönsson

April 7, 2024

For Sale

11 course lute by Lars Jönsson.
Price: 5000 USD
Location: Costa Rica
String length: 71 cm
Comes in a good case by a Swedish builder.
For more information please contact me:

USD 5,000
Costa Rica

Noble and high-quality Oud (2015)

March 23, 2024

For Sale

Noble and high-quality Oud (2015) from Vincenz Bachmayer, Munich

Walnut shell with rosewood, 25 shavings

Walnut pegbox and neck with rosewood
Cocobolo pegs

Spruce top (wood seasoned for almost 36 years)
Rosewood rosette
The playing protection on the top is made of rosewood
Ebony fingerboard

Scale length 58.5 cm

Tuning: dd aa ee BB F#F# E
Strings from Pyramid
With very good case
original price 4.200 €

Link to photos:

Selling a high-quality oud built in 2015 by Vincenz Bachmayer from Munich, one of the experts in Germany for the construction of Arabic lutes.

The oud comes from the first owner and is in mint condition. I am selling the instrument because I have been playing the lute and theorbo in concerts almost exclusively since I have owned it and I simply don’t have enough time for the oud.

Anyone who knows Vincenz Bachmayer will know that this is one of the most distinguished oud makers in Germany, to whom the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation dedicated a television program around 2015, the year the instrument was built, and who won the Bavarian State Government’s Master Prize.

Price: VB 3.900 €

The price quoted is negotiable, but I would be pleased to receive realistic
realistic asking price. If your idea of a good price is too far away from my ideas
too far from my ideas, then perhaps we can save ourselves time and effort if you do not make me an offer not submit your offer. Please only contact me if you are seriously interested.

Collection in Lübeck, Germany, would be my preference, but shipping is also possible (shipping costs are not included in the price). The goods are sold under exclusion of any warranty.

EUR 3,900 + shipping and insurance
Lübeck, Germany

An outstanding professional 4-course Medieval lute

March 22, 2024

For Sale

A Medieval lute of this quality is certainly the rarest of lutes to find. This lute has been built according to the highest standard and the choicest materials have been used, with impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail. The flaming maple sides and back are stunning, with a neck of matching beauty. Constructed by the British luthier John Duncalf in 1985.


The lute plays  beautifully, with ideal string action and a perfect neck, which is incredibly comfortable in the hand. A large sound with excellent projection with a singing tone, perfectly balanced throughout all registers. This is a professional instrument for the discerning musician which can used at the highest level of concert performance.

A very rare larger tenor medieval lute, it works wonderfully as a solo instrument or for accompaniment.
I choose to play the 4-course lute as a fretless instrument, but one could also use tie-on gut frets as well.

The lute comes with a top of the line custom fitted Paxman case.

This instrument has an added ethos to it as it has an exceptional history. I acquired it from the estate of Ephraim Segerman a historian and musician of singular importance in the field of early music who literally wrote the book on the historical study of instruments.

String length 70cm

It is very sad to part with this rare treasure!

Do not hesitate to make contact regarding further questions and there are plenty more photos. For price inquire.


English Theorbo by Michael Schreiner (2023)

March 19, 2024

For Sale

English Theorbo by Michael Schreiner 2023

Total Length: 150 centimeters
String lengths (double strung)
Fretted. 78.9cm (7)
Stepped diapasons: 96.7, 102.4,  113.3, 121.2, 129.4 (12&13)
Tuned at 440
Custom Kingham case
Buyer pays any shipping or customs fees
You can read about its construction and see many more photos on my blog.

USD 7,000 plus shipping and customs fees if applicable
Montréal Québec, Canada

8 Renaissance Guitars For Sale

March 18, 2024

For Sale

Here is another group of Renaissance guitars from my shop. I have discovered a great way to use smaller pieces of fine wood – and in the case of these necks, a dining room table made of extremely hard maple. They all have custom-fitted, lovingly hand-crafted carrying cases made from splendid laminate. (crappy plywood cases)
They are laid out in the pictures from numbers 2 through 9 (#1 sold immediately) The woods are:
  • #2 cherry w/maple spacers
  • #3 pau rosa
  • #4 purpleheart
  • #5 Cherry
  • #6 cherry with maple spacers with pau rosa sides
  • #7 Cherry w/maple spacers sides are maple w/rosewood spacers
  • #8 Cherry w/maple spacers
  • #9 Cherry
#s 2-5 have a scale length of 50 mm. 6-9 are 54mm.
$800 USD plus shipping (each)

USD 800 plus shipping
United States
CONTACT Mayes 856 858 8902 or
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