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Please note that this list is for lutes and related fretted stringed instruments in vogue primarily from the Medieval to eras after Baroque.
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Renaissance Guitar by Gy. Lőrinczi

September 19, 2022

For Sale

New Renaissance guitar for sale, by Gy. Lőrinczi.

54 cm string length. Includes home made plywood case.

EUR 1,100


Mandolino 6 Course 330mm in Claro Walnut

September 17, 2022

For Sale

Completed in the summer of 2022. This mandolino is in the style of Milanese.

It is made of curly Claro walnut with a Sitka spruce top. Tuning pegs are geared. Metal frets.

Note: String spacing at the nut is 6mm, and 9mm at the bridge. Some might find this to be a tight spacing.

It is currently  tuned d’ g c’ e’ a’ d” with Savarez carbon strings.

Price is $800us. Shipping is estimated at $50 in the US. Includes a soft case. Please use PayPal.

USD United States
CONTACT David at

Tiorbino by Ivo Magherini (2017)

September 8, 2022

For Sale

Tiorbino by Ivo Magherini (2017)

I have decided to sell my Tiorbino after Venere, made by Ivo Magherini in 2017. It is a superb instrument and a very exact copy of the original. It  is in excellent “like new” condition.

The tiorbino has a superb, strong, and bright tone throughout and really good projection. The stopped string length is 52.5 cm, and the extension is 97 cm. Excellent action throughout and a very comfortable instrument to play, since the body is so small and the neck really nice and thin.

The instrument comes with a custom case by Victor Vorko, it is ultra lightweight and has a backpack option.

The instrument is in Paris.

Photos below with additional photos available here.

For more information, including price, please contact:

Paris, France

Vihuela de Mano in G by Andrzej Wyka (2022)

September 1, 2022

For Sale

Vihuela de mano in G, made by Andrzej Wyka in 2022, 592 mm string length: Wood used: walnut, pine, cocobolo, plum, apple. Aquila nylgut strings, with Manzano case.

EUR 1,850 plus shipment from Poland

Vihuela de Mano in G by Andrzej Wyka (2022)

September 1, 2022

For Sale

For sale vihuela de mano in G, made by Andrzej Wyka in 2022.

602 mm string length.

Wood used: cherry, blackwood, pine, holly, mulga.

Strings Nylgut Aquila.

Case by Manzano.

Sound sample on request.

EUR 1,550 plus shipment from Poland

Vihuela in G by Clive Titmuss (2005)

August 30, 2022

For Sale

63cm string length. Maple sides and back. Nice marquetry on soundboard and head plate. Parchment rose. Currently strung in unison Savarez KF’s, but the basses can be strung in octaves. Hard case by Clive. The vihuela is in very good condition although the frets are getting a bit old.

Additional photos available here.

USD 2,000 plus shipping and insurance
New York City, NY, United States

Renaissance Guitar

August 30, 2022

For Sale

Spiffy renaissance guitar. Cherry back and sides with maple spacers. Cedar neck with purple heart fingerboard. French polish finish. 54 CM scale. Comes with case.

USD 750 plus shipping

CONTACT Joseph Mayes 856 858 8902 or

Baroque guitar by Régis Floury (2019)

August 25, 2022

For Sale

This baroque guitar has been built in 2019 by Régis Floury, an instrument manufacturer located in Vigo, Galicia. It is made with old traditional techniques without machinery. 

The box is made of walnut and maple with ebony fillets. The harmonic top is in spruce. The neck is in maple covered with a marquetry of speckled maple and black maple.

The fingerboard and bridge are made of ebony. The headstock marquetry is made with amaranth, speckled maple, pear, and black maple. The outer rosette as well as the contour decoration (pistagne) are made entirely by hand with ebony and vegetal ivory.

The soundboard has a layer of wax as it was traditionally done and the rest of the instruments is varnished with the tampon with shellac. 

The vibrating length is 665mm. The bridge allows to fix the space between the strings as the musician considers it for his way of playing. It has a soft, delicate and warm sound.

The instrument comes with a basic travel case.

The guitar is in Spain, in Vigo. You can try it without any problem at the workshop. The instrument can be sent by carrier. The transport costs will be charged to the buyer.

Payments will be made in cash or by bank transfer and a receipt will be issued for each payment. To lock in a purchase option, the customer can pay a deposit of 300 euros to guarantee the purchase of the instrument. If the customer withdraws and does not comply with the purchase of the instrument, he will lose the said deposit.

For any further information you can send an email to

EUR 2,200 + shipping
Vigo, Galicia, Spain

Fantasia 8 Course Lute by Dan Larson

August 18, 2022

For Sale

Fantasia 8 course lute purchased from Gamut Music, Dan Larson-luthier. It is in very good condition. Comes with case.

USD 1,800 shipping within America only
Lowville, NY, United States
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