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Guitar by Johann Rudert (1815-1820)

May 17, 2022

For Sale

1815-1820 Johann Rudert (Vienna) guitar for sale. This is a wonderful concert instrument for a professional performer, and also an excellent instrument for a collection. I have performed on it for a number of years and have reluctantly decided to sell it.

Originally restored by Erik Pierre Hoffmann (Germolles-sur-Grosne, France), all documentation from the sale to me is included and can be offered on request.

Price: $4700, includes custom fit Kingham case.

Instrument located in Chicago, IL USA.

USD 4,700
Chicago, Illinois, United States

Theorbo by Daniel Yost For Sale

May 16, 2022

For Sale

I am selling a new theorbo made by Argentine luthier Daniel Yost. I bought it in January for $3100 but was given a 13-course Baroque lute in February and I don’t have time to play both. Instrument is in perfect condition and sounds great. $2200 but local pickup only In Chapel hill, North Carolina. Comes with a wooden box case and an improvised gig bag.

Email for pictures.

USD 2,200 Local pickup only
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States

10 course lute by Christopher Doddridge of the UK

May 9, 2022

For Sale

Made in 1987. 59.5 cm scale. Flamed maple bowl. This has a remarkably small body for a ten course. It’s light as a feather and has the voice of an angel loud and clear and sweet! This is a professional quality instrument by a renowned maker. There is a tiny repaired separated seam just below the bridge – I tried to capture it in one of the pictures but only succeeded in displaying my crappy photography skills. It comes with a hard case.

USD 3,500 + shipping
United States
CONTACT Joseph Mayes 856 858 8902 or

Professional 7-Course Renaissance Lute from master Luthier George Stevens

May 9, 2022

For Sale

George Stevens is recognised one of the world’s foremost lute builders and his instruments are used by the top professional concert artists.

His instruments are renowned for their beauty of tone and projection, playibility and impeccable craftsmanship.
Constructed with the finest materials. Perfectly balanced through all registers. A treasure of lutherie. Gorgeous and rare 11 rib cornish cherry back with cedar soundboard lending it an impeccable golden tone.


I am sorrowfully parting with this wonder of an instrument at this reduced price
The starting price for lute from George Stevens is 3900£ approx 5100 USD with a long waiting list. The low price is primarily to hasten an expedient sale. There is also a small indent/crack on the right side of the soundboard due to an accidental fall. By the grace of God it is right above a brace so not of any great danger to the instrument. Several luthiers have looked at the instrument and all have agreed to leave it as is, as it is of no consequential threat. It  could be restored if the new owner so chooses.

String length: 61cm
Width at nut: 5cm
String spacing at bridge: 9cm

Currently strung with Aquila Nylgut.
Comes with hardcase.

Do not hesitate to ask further questions.

EUR 1,700


Baroque guitar for sale

April 27, 2022

For Sale

Baroque guitar after plans from the GAL. 65 cm scale. Rosewood back and sides with maple spacers. Sound and playability excellent. Comes with a crappy plywood case (I’m not proud of my cases) Building accelerated during the pandemic and I now have four more baroque guitars than I want to have.

USD 1,500 + shipping

CONTACT Joseph Mayes at (856)858-8902 or

6 course lute by Bob Van De Kerckhove, 2005

April 26, 2022

For Sale

Beautiful 6 course lute for sale made by Bob Van De Kerckhove – 2005

Instrument in excellent condition with fine details. Powerful sound and great playability.
Shell of 9 ribs in Madagascar rosewood and maple fillets. Button in bone. Spruce neck veneered with rosewood and maple strips.
Hard case included.
Diapason 60 cm.

Videos and audios are sent on request.
The instrument is currently in Rome, Italy. Can be shipped.

EUR 3,200
Rome, Italy

7 course Bandora

April 19, 2022

For Sale

Wire strung instrument used in the 16th cent. English “Broken Consort” music, and has a solo repertoire as well. Built for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon. I have used this in concert and it is very playable.

61.5 cm string length. Can be tuned as a bass or tenor instrument. Pegheads were installed recently, so tuning is easy. For more photos, and any questions contact

USD 4,000 free shipping within the U.S.


14 course Archlute by Lars Jonsson after Magno (2008)

April 18, 2022

For Sale

14 course Archlute (2008) by Lars Jonsson after Magno Dieffopruchar  (Vienna C 45). 

String length: 67 / 145 cm (7×7 or 6×8), in perfect condition. High level professional instrument with rich and powerful sound, comfortable low action, ideal for both continuo and solo playing. 

Available in Europe. Comes with a fitted Kingham case.

Sound and more info on request.

EUR 6,000 or best offer

CONTACT yavorusmagnus АТ

14 course archlute by Anatoly Gundilovich (2018)

April 18, 2022

For Sale

14-course archlute (61cm/106cm) by Anatoly Gundilovich, November 2018.

Currently strung in Aquila nylgut (petit jeu) and Aquila loaded nylgut for the bass register.
Nice and well balanced instrument, both for solo and continuo. Includes semi rigid soft bag.

EUR 3,500 Buyer pays shipping.
Antwerp, Belgium
CONTACT pietertheuns[at]gmail[dot]com

8c renaissance lute built by Renzo Salvador (2007)

April 5, 2022

For Sale

Available is an 8c renaissance lute built by Renzo Salvador in 2007. It is in excellent condition.

Vibrating string length 60cm, recently refretted with nylon.

This is a truly beautiful concert instrument with a clear, projecting tone. The care afforded to each tiny detail in its construction is stunning, and the checkerboard marquetry is especially unique and expertly made. It has a cypress soundboard and enchanting curly maple back. It is easy to play, and the sound produced is lovely.

The pegs are particularly well-formed – tuning this instrument is quite easy and proves stable over long periods of time.

Asking price: 4500 euros. Willing to hear offers.
The instrument is located in Groningen, the Netherlands.

A case is included, as well as several sets of strings and extra fretting material.
Additional photos, details, and sound samples are available upon request.

EUR 4,500
Groningen, Netherlands
CONTACT Oliver -
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