Welcome Visitors!

It has been a long time coming, and now patience and effort are rewarded with the launch of this, our NEW WEBSITE!

We hope you will find, easily, what you are looking for, and that the value of it will make you want to support the LSA with a membership and or a donation, or many donations! That is our main source of the support we need to keep improving what we offer to those interested in the lute and related instruments. Whether you are a member or not, there is something for you here.

New with this launch:

Our Journal is now Open Access! You don't have to be a member to read articles from the Journal. Decades of research at your fingertips. And there's a search field!

Other pages available to the public are:

1) The entire catalog from Tree Editions! Yes, all of that music is available right here.

2) The Lutes for Sale list is here, too. Come to post one, come to find one. It's all here.

3) Under Publications you will find all of Pat O'Brien's writing on how to use your hands to avoid injury, and how to begin the journey to being able to play again if you have suffered injury.

LSA Members have access to all of that, of course, plus:

1) You can advertise your professional services to the public in our improved Professional Directory, which is searchable. Eventually it will be connected to Search Engine Optimization so that the listings can be found more readily by the public during internet searches. Be sure to fill out your profile if you would like to be listed in either the Professional Directory or the Member Directory!

2) Search and filter functions to navigate both the Facsimile Collection and the Lute Rental Program holdings.

3) The entire Historical Lute Archive gathered by Grant Tomlinson.

This is just the beginning, so keep watching this space as we add new content, update old content, and add new capabilities. Poke around! See what you can discover! And let us know how it goes. All new sites have wrinkles to work out, and we have a very capable Webmaster in Ben Romvari.

Mounds of Gratitude!

First to Phil Rukavina and Marlene Johnshoy who were Webmaster and Designer of our previous website. They gave countless hours to that major leap forward for us, and generously kept it going.

James Carr of Kulture Partners took on the huge task of taking what we had already and working that into a new design and organization, with new capabilities. He worked extraordinarily hard on this site, even as the scope of the project grew far beyond our original plan, and we’re extremely grateful to him. Managing the move from the old site to the new were John Jamison, Fiona Thistle, and Jerry Carlin, with additional help from Guy Smith, Sean Smith, Nancy Carlin, Brian Bartling, Braedon Hofmann, David Ross, and Melanie Nester. And for the last big push over the finish line, our new Webmaster Ben Romvari.

It takes a village, and what a great village we have! Thank you all!

Cathy Liddell
President, Lute Society of America