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LSA Quarterly Vol. 57 No. 3 Now Available

Read the second part of "Une délicatesse merveilleuse: Valentin Strobel, Forgotten Master of the Lute: Compositions and Interpretation" from Tobias Tietze in the new LSA Quarterly Vol. 57, No. 3.

Also in this issue, read about "Miss Margaret Board of Lindfield, West Sussex: New Information About her Life, her Family, and her Lute Book" from Sara Salloum:

"The fact Margaret took one or more ad hoc lessons with John Dowland suggests that she frequented the city of London during her youth, before her marriage to Henry Bourne in 1625." Sara Saloum

JLSA 54 (2021)

Journal 54 is now available with articles including:
New Information on the Vihuelist Diego Pisador - Javier Cruz Rodríguez
Guitar Heroes - Cory M. Gavito
Jacques and Laurent Lucas de Saint-Luc - Manuel Couvreur
Review: Music and Instruments of the Elizabethan Age - Gary Boye

Pat O’Brien Instruction Videos

Pat O'Brien instruction videos are now available on the LSA’s YouTube channel. These videos were recorded by Pat in the early 1990’s as part of his rehab work for players afflicted by musicians’ injuries and repetitive stress disorders.

Official LSA Merch

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Basel Lute Days: September 14th–18th, 2022

The German Lute Society , in collaboration with the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, will sponsor Basel Lute Days, bringing together performers, researchers, teachers and students. This event combines The International Musicological Study Group on Tablature in Western Music, the 2nd International Conference on Lute Study in Higher Education and the German Lute Society’s International Lute Festival.

Official LSA Merch Available Now!

Show your support for the LSA with a t-shirt, mug, tote bag – and more! – from our new CafePress store!

Joint Publication from the LSA and the German Lute Society

Following the conference Teaching the Lute in Higher Education held in Bremen on 27-29 September 2019, the LSA entered into a collaborative project with the German Lute Society to publish a volume of the papers from the conference. The result is a book just published:...