List of known scammers

Caution: Scam Warning

It has come to our attention that scammers are targeting people selling instruments on our website.

Known Scammers

This list is an effort to warn others that interactions from the names and email addresses on this list are not genuine.

  • Susan Balascio” using the email address
  • Name unknown using the email address
  • Jose Fernandez using the email address
  • Douglas Cross using the email address
  • Sterling Mackinnon using the email address

This list is a joint effort with the kind folks at PianoMart. You may refer to an extensive list of scammers on PianoMart’s website here:

What To Look Out For


For Instrument Sellers:

The scammer will offer to send you payment through the mail, as a cashier’s check or money order. They will intentionally pay more than the cost of the instrument and then ask that you wire transfer the excess payment to them.

In most cases, the email address that is contacting you belongs to someone else and a bad actor has gained control of the email account for malicious purposes.

For Potential Buyers:

If you have any concerns during your interactions with an instrument seller, please let us know at

Recent scam messaging:

Fake buyers have been contacting instrument sellers with the following message, please be aware and discontinue conversation with these scammers.

Thanks for your replyConcerning my inquiryAm quite comfortable with the condition of the item since I wont be making any repairs on it. Im making an offer of $3500 and I will add $50 to it for keeping it for mePlease provide your full Name, Address your Phone number for payment.I am paying by Check. It will take a few days for payment to get to you. As per pick-up, I will arrange for the pick-up after payment has been received by you. I hope it is in good condition, kindly get back to me with your name, phone # and mailing address where payment will be sent. I will let you know how I intend to pick it up. I would have loved to come check it out but I am presently away on a business trip so you can send me pics of the item so that I can know it is in good conditionI would appreciate it if you take the posting off the site today and consider it sold to for the pick-up, it would be handled after you receive your payment. Thanks. God Bless You.

Other General Suggestions

When interacting with a potential buyer or seller, please consider the following suggestions:

  • Use PayPal or another service that has a dispute process.
  • Do not accept checks for more than the purchase price plus shipping.
  • Meet in a safe place if meeting in person.
  • Consider shipping insurance.
  • To minimize spam, use a special email address.
  • Consider using a cellphone or a “Google Voice” account rather than a home phone number.
  • Consider Zoom or other video connection to see each other and the instrument.

For any other questions or concerns, please contact us at