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Baroque hurdy-gurdy made by Régis Floury (2022)

October 13, 2023

For Sale

This instrument is a reproduction of a hurdy-gurdy signed FEURY kept at the Musée des Musiques Populaires in Montluçon (France), with the addition of a few modifications according to the criteria of Charles Bâton, a famous Parisian musician who in 1751 published an article in the Mercure de France describing the organological characteristics he added to the baroque hurdy-gurdy to obtain an instrument to his taste. This hurdy-gurdy is built with a D pitch and has a range of 2 and a half octaves (D – F). What’s more, the bridge for the trumpet string is fixed.

The body of the instrument is made of maple, walnut and cedar with ebony and maple purfling. The soundboard is walnut. The keyboard, bridges, tailpiece and pegbox are made of maple. The keys are made of ebony and bone. The “pistagne” decorations are made of ebony and vegetable ivory. The marquetry decorations on the keyboard cover and tailpiece are in engraved bone and black maple.

The instrument was made entirely by hand, without the use of machines. The aim was to use only the techniques of the period, and the wheel axle and crank were forged by hand.

The instrument comes with a basic travel case.

The hurdy-gurdy is in Spain, in Vigo. You can try it without any problem at the workshop. The instrument can be sent by carrier. The transport costs will be charged to the buyer.

For any further information you can send an email to

Payments will be made by bank transfer and a receipt will be issued for each payment.


Additional photos available here.

EUR 8,500 plus shipping costs if applicable
Vigo, Spain

Baroque guitar by Régis Floury (2023)

October 12, 2023

For Sale

This baroque guitar has been built in 2023 by Régis Floury, an instrument manufacturer located in Vigo, Galicia. It is made with old traditional techniques without machinery.

The box is made of walnut, maple and purplewood with ebony fillets. The harmonic top is in spruce (sitka). The neck is in maple covered with a marquetry of speckled maple and black maple.

The fingerboard and bridge are made of ebony. The headstock marquetry is made with purplewood, speckled maple, pear, and black maple. The outer rosette as well as the contour decoration (pistagne) are made entirely by hand with ebony and vegetal ivory.

The rosette is traditionally made from parchment.

The soundboard has a layer of wax as it was traditionally done and the rest of the instruments is varnished with the tampon with shellac.

The vibrating length is 690mm. The bridge allows to fix the space between the strings as the musician considers it for his way of playing. It has a soft, delicate and warm sound.

The instrument comes with a basic travel case.

The guitar is in Spain, in Vigo. You can try it without any problem at the workshop. The instrument can be sent by carrier. The transport costs will be charged to the buyer.

For any further information you can send an email to

Payments will be made by bank transfer and a receipt will be issued for each payment.


Additional photos available here.

EUR 3,500 plus shipping costs if applicable
Vigo, Spain

Baroque guitar by Giuseppe Tumiati (2012) after Giorgio Sellas (1624)

September 23, 2023

For Sale

Based on an original by Giorgio Sellas (Venice, 1624, Nuremberg Museum)
Val di Fiemme red spruce soundboard,
Back and sides in Tuscan cypress with walnut fillets,
Black painted cypress neck, Gabon ebony fingerboard.
Decorations on the soundboard like the original ones.
Rosette in wood and parchment from Stradivari.
Vaulted back.
Vibrating length 665 mm,
Custom made hard case included.

Price 2500 Euro plus shipping and insurance.

The instrument is in Ceglie Messapica (BR) – ITALY

contact and further detail:
Giuseppe Gioia

EUR 2,500 plus shipping and insurance
Ceglie Messapica, Italy

13 Course Lute

September 21, 2023

For Sale

13 course lute the instrument is in good playing condition it needs a change of strings

64 cm string length

EUR 750 + 100 €EUR Envío
Madrid, Spain

8 Course Renaissance Lute by Andrzej Wyka (2023)

September 18, 2023

For Sale

8-course Renaissance lute, built in 2023 by Andrzej Wyka. In G, 600 mm string length, rather for smaller hands (woman). Wood used: cypress body, Carpathian spruce top, plum pegs. Aquila nylgut strings with CD bases. There is no case, however I will make a plywood box for shipment.

EUR 1,600 plus shipment

Liuto Attiorbato by Cezar Mateus (2021)

September 14, 2023

For Sale

| 14 courses
| 67cm [8 courses]/120cm [6 courses]
| single strings possible too
| Kingham case included
| can be tried in Antwerp [Belgium]

Additional photos available here.

EUR 8,700
Antwerp, Belgium

11 Course lute with custom case

September 11, 2023

For Sale

11 Course lute with custom case Lute in excellent condition.
I can say now that it was made by a Dutch luthier called Bosch in the late 1980’s to an anonymous copy of a Renaissance lute that was transformed into an 11-course baroque lute. I have restrung it with nylgut and gut strings made by Point d’Accroche in Paris.
Mensura is 647 mm
Additional photos available here.

EUR 2,000 plus shipping
Madrid, Spain
CONTACT Email: or Phone: 627750834

Theorbo by Gunter Mark (2022)

September 6, 2023

For Sale

Sold with a custom burgundy Gotz case. String lengths 74cm/111cm. Can be set up with single or double strings. Fantastic instrument that can be tuned as a theorbo in A or as a “théorbe de pièces” in D. It can also be set up as a 14c swan-neck baroque lute. The lute has a superb, strong, and warm tone throughout and very good projection. Excellent action throughout and a very comfortable instrument to play, since the body is very flat and the neck very nice and thin.

I purchased it for certain projects last year, but I no longer have need of the instrument.

Instrument can be seen in Paris.

For further information contact Benjamin Narvey at

Photos below.

Paris, France
CONTACT Benjamin Narvey at

Hardshell Renaissance Lute Case For Sale

August 27, 2023

For Sale

Will fit a variety of lutes – Comfortably fits my 60cm Venere 8 course as well as my 59cm 10 course.

Interior Dimensions:

  • Body – 31cm at its widest point
  • Body Depth – 16.5cm
  • Overall Length – 77cm
  • Pegbox width – 13.5cm
  • Pegbox depth – 23.5

USD 375 + shipping
Portland, Maine, United States

7 course vihuela by José Miguel Moreno (2021)

August 25, 2023

For Sale

Professional vihuela built by José Miguel Moreno in 2021. Very clear sound and projection, this is a perfect instrument for solo and chamber music. 

String length 57 cm.

Soft case included.

Photos and audios available on request.

The instrument is testable in Barcelona.

EUR 3,800 (negotiable)
Barcelona, Spain
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