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Baroque guitar by Régis Floury (2019)

August 25, 2022

For Sale

This baroque guitar has been built in 2019 by Régis Floury, an instrument manufacturer located in Vigo, Galicia. It is made with old traditional techniques without machinery. 

The box is made of walnut and maple with ebony fillets. The harmonic top is in spruce. The neck is in maple covered with a marquetry of speckled maple and black maple.

The fingerboard and bridge are made of ebony. The headstock marquetry is made with amaranth, speckled maple, pear, and black maple. The outer rosette as well as the contour decoration (pistagne) are made entirely by hand with ebony and vegetal ivory.

The soundboard has a layer of wax as it was traditionally done and the rest of the instruments is varnished with the tampon with shellac. 

The vibrating length is 665mm. The bridge allows to fix the space between the strings as the musician considers it for his way of playing. It has a soft, delicate and warm sound.

The instrument comes with a basic travel case.

The guitar is in Spain, in Vigo. You can try it without any problem at the workshop. The instrument can be sent by carrier. The transport costs will be charged to the buyer.

Payments will be made in cash or by bank transfer and a receipt will be issued for each payment. To lock in a purchase option, the customer can pay a deposit of 300 euros to guarantee the purchase of the instrument. If the customer withdraws and does not comply with the purchase of the instrument, he will lose the said deposit.

For any further information you can send an email to

EUR 2,200 + shipping
Vigo, Galicia, Spain

Fantasia 8 Course Lute by Dan Larson

August 18, 2022

For Sale

Fantasia 8 course lute purchased from Gamut Music, Dan Larson-luthier. It is in very good condition. Comes with case.

USD 1,800 shipping within America only
Lowville, NY, United States

10 Course Lute by Carel Huiskamp (1999)

August 16, 2022

For Sale

Late renaissance lute, built by Carel Huiskamp after Gerle in 1999.

Back of maple, neck and pegbox veneered with ebony. String length is 63cm, can comfortably be tuned at standard G (a=415′).

The top shows three barely visible cracks, which have all been mended by the instrument’s maker. It works and plays wonderfully and can be heard on my most recent CD “Tarot de Paris”. The only reason I’m selling this instrument is my quitting music for another profession.

Comes with custom-fitted Kingham case.

Excerpts of “Tarot de Paris”, recorded entirely on this lute, can be heard in this Video:

EUR 4,500
Freiburg, Germany or Basel, Switzerland

7 Course Lute by Barber & Harris (2007)

August 16, 2022

For Sale

Renaissance ‘Student lute’ built by Stephen Barber and Sandi Harris in 2007 after Venere. String length is 60cm. Back of cherry, fretboard of ebony. This was my first lute and I’ve since given it to my own students. Especially for beginners this is an excellent instruments to start on, and I’ve been keeping it in perfect playing condition. It has no visible cracks or defects.

Comes with custom-fitted Kingham case.

EUR 2,500
Freiburg, Germany or Basel, Switzerland

Vihuela / Baroque Guitar by Jaume Bosser (2014)

July 30, 2022

For Sale

For sale – vihuela / baroque talentis model by Jaume Bosser in Barcelona – september 2014. Jaume is a fantastic luthier who works with many Catalonian stars of early music.

Great for beginner and student level – great for vihuela, but it can be tuned and string as baroque guitar so if you do not have enough money to buy both instruments that’s a good choice. That’s the main idea of this talentis model.

I played both versions without problems. When it was needed I tuned it like vihuela, and when I wanted some later repertoire, played like baroque guitar.

I played this instrument 100% professionally in theatre, concerts and recordings in Poland. Lovely instrument to play. Nylgut Aqyilla stringed. With a good gig bag.

I prefer EU shipping.

EUR 1,400 shipping from Poland

7 course Bandora

July 25, 2022

For Sale

Wire strung instrument used in the 16th cent. English “Broken Consort” music, and has a solo repertoire as well. Built for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon. I have used this in concert and it is very playable.

61.5 cm string length. Can be tuned as a bass or tenor instrument. Pegheads were installed recently, so tuning is easy. For more photos, and any questions contact

USD 3,200 free shipping within the U.S.
United States

Rare 19th Century Guitar ca 1830’s

July 24, 2022

For Sale

645mm string length, 45mm nut.  New period style brass frets, and newly installed mechanical “pegheds”.  Gut trebles by Boston Catlines.

Recently repaired and inspected by a professional luthier. Case included.

Stamp on the inside of the back reads: “Alfred Schweiss” and “Freiburg”, but I believe it is a French made guitar.  It’s possible Schweiss was the dealer.


USD 4,000 Free shipping within the USA
United States

10 Course Renaissance Lute by Hans Jordan (1960)

July 21, 2022

For Sale

Rare 1960 Hans Jordan 10 course Renaissance Lute (Germany)

Handmade by renowned luthier Hans Jordan in Germany in 1960, this beautiful instrument is in great condition. Tuning pegs, bridge, neck are in perfect order – there are no issues other than very minor cosmetic details (see below).

10 course (21 strings)
weight with case 9 lb 10oz

I’m including a brand new set of strings and 7 graded synthetic fretgut selected specifically for this instrument by Matt at, to be strung/tied by next owner or shop of their choice. The current strings are quite old and the fretgut worn and loose, missing one tied fret. I am including stringing layout sheet provided by stringsbymail.

I am a classical guitarist who simply does not have time to incorporate the lute into my life, sadly. This is an incredible instrument.

Cosmetic issues:
a handful of very small scratches on top and back, only noticeable on very close inspection (see final photos of set)
Extremely minor separation of top at bookmatched seam at bottom, below bridge, approx. 0.2mm (0.008 in), only noticeable on very close inspection. Has not changed in years, very stable (see last photo of set).

Case has musty scent; the instrument smells fine after being out of the case for a little while. If I were keeping the instrument, I would purchase a new case. Otherwise, the case works great, though the key is missing.

I am open to meeting via Zoom for very interested buyers. I will also likely put up a video of the instrument.

Thank you for looking.

Listing on Reverb’s website here:

USD 2,000 free shipping within USA
Granite Bay, California, United States
CONTACT Contact through the Reverb listing (see above).

7 Course Lute after Venere

July 12, 2022

For Sale

Scale length 585 mm. Flamed maple and Swiss spruce. Comes with a hard case. For more info send me an email. Can be shipped worldwide.

EUR 1,250


Theorbo For Sale

July 5, 2022

For Sale

Builder: Rob Mavrinac circa 1991
Length: 76/126cm(ish) string length, 7 stopped strings
Misc: K&K microphone array installed under the soundboard – it’s electric!

Description: I’ve owned this instrument for 9 years and played with several orchestras and chamber groups, and it has treated me very well. I’m only selling it to finance other instruments. This instrument is on the short side for a theorbo, but it is loud for its size, so it is well suited for both solo and ensemble rep, and easier to handle physically than some of the larger instruments.

Disclaimer: 6 years ago, this theorbo got in an unfortunate fight with my house cat, and lost. The top came off completely, but it came off very cleanly and the only broken part was right near the neck joint (where not much vibration happens anyway). Afterward, I had all the internal bracing tightened up by an expert luthier, had the K&K mic array installed, and the top reattached. The instrument has been perfectly stable since that accident.

Recording (on the right):

USD 4,800 plus shipping
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
CONTACT willits w (at) gmail (dot) com (remove spaces etc)
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