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14 course theorbo by Pascal Goldschmidt (1992)

June 27, 2023

For Sale

79/140cm, can be strung 7/7 or 6/8 (diapasons/fretted strings)

Very light and comfortable instrument with excellent projection; it’s MUCH louder than one would expect relative to its scale length. This has been my continuo workhorse for several years and cuts through any ensemble sound beautifully and, due to its light weight, is very comfortable to play for long rehearsals/performances.


With Singer:

Large Ensemble:

One mismatching peg in the upper pegbox due to an unfortunate accident years ago with a low ceiling. Replacement peg works perfectly.

Comes with custom Kingham case built in 2019

Local pickup preferred, but shipping possible (buyer pays shipping).

USD 7,000 + shipping if applicable
Richmond, Virginia, United States

13 course Baroque lute with bass rider by Larry Brown

June 22, 2023

For Sale

13 course Baroque lute with bass rider by Larry Brown, Asheville, NC.

String length: 70.8 cm/ 74.6 cm. 10 tied frets on the neck.

Instrument design is based on the Warwick Hans Frei. 11 highly figured bird’s-eye maple ribs, ebony veneered neck and pegbox. Beautiful pierced scroll-work on the back of the pegbox, with rosewood pegs.

The lute was recently refurbished and adjusted by Grant Tomlinson. The bridge design is quite high, and it was re-drilled to lower the action. New frets, stringing is NNG with copper basses.

This is a good beginner’s to mid-level player’s instrument. It is well set up with a low action, and it has a balanced and projecting tone quality, Kingham plush case included in the price.

Price: $4,000 CANADIAN DOLLARS, plus shipping and insurance.

The instrument is currently located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

CAD 4,000 plus shipping and insurance
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

10 Course Renaissance Lute by Nico van der Waals (1975)

June 21, 2023

For Sale

Beloved lute for sale by renowned luthier Nico van der Waals. Has not been played a lot recently, but aside from needing new gut frets and new strings and a little touch up work (Mel Wong estimates less than $100), it is in excellent condition.

Fitted case and custom made shipping container included.

Please contact me for any further information, additional photos, etc.

USD 4,000 + shipping and insurance
Montana, United States

Early Music Shop EMS Theorbo with custom hard case

June 18, 2023

For Sale

Purchased in 2008 and used while I was a student and has been stored since 2011. I don’t have the time to play anymore and want to see this beautiful instrument go to someone who can enjoy playing it.

This theorbo is 180cm long and has a wonderful, bright sound. Strung with 8 nylgut diapasons and 6 single courses – 5 are nylgut and the 6th course is gut. It has some minor scratches and dings that are to be expected with any used instrument but is in perfect playing condition. It has a minor cosmetic defect on the joint between two of the ribs on the back.

I built the case myself because the case sold by EMS was too expensive for me when I was a student. It is made of padded wood and is heavy but works well and the eye bolts can be used for a carrying strap.

Here is a video of the theorbo being played. Apologies for the low quality – this was taken with a camcorder in 2009:

 Additional photos are available here.

I am willing to share more pictures and answer any questions over email – please contact me if you are interested. 

USD 2,300 + shipping
Montana, near Glacier National Park, United States

11 Course Baroque Lute by Anatoli Gundilowicz 69cm (2016)

June 12, 2023

For Sale

11 Course Baroque Lute by Anatoli Gundilowicz – 2016 – 69cm
Spruce top, maple back, plumwood pegs, ebony fingerboard.
Nylon Pyramid strings.
Custom case by Romanowicz.

USD 3,500 + Shipping
Texas, United States

6 Course Lute

June 9, 2023

For Sale

Early style six-course lute ‘Oxonia 2020’. 61.5cm Maple bowl, pear neck, boxwood pegs, fingerboard, and bridge. Wide spacing suitable for early finger and plectrum style playing. With custom cornerless Kingham MTM case.

Located in the Central Illinois/Chicago area now, but will travel to the EU in two weeks.

USD 3,000
Chicago, Illinois, United States

11 Course Baroque Lute by Andrzej Wyka (2023)

June 6, 2023

For Sale

11 course baroque lute based on Venere/Tiefembrucker Wien G.d.M. 56, made in 2023 by Andrzej Wyka. String length 690 mm, strings nylgut Aquila with CD Loaded bases. There is no case, but I will ship it safely in a plywood case.

EUR 2,200 obo plus shipment.


Baroque Guitar by William Good (2021)

June 3, 2023

For Sale

Baroque Guitar, (William Good, 2021) for Sale: 66cm string length Italian model after Giovanni Tessler. Full, rich sound that’s great for solo or continuo work. Vaulted back made out of two-shades of Mediterranean cypress, rose by Elena Da Cortiva, includes a gray Kingham case.

Can be seen at the Boston Early Music Festival June 4-11th.

USD 3,500
United States

Baroque swan neck lute PCarmo (2015)

May 31, 2023

For Sale

Baroque swan neck lute PCarmo, 2015 with Kinham case, asking 2900.00 plus shipping. Plays well, nice tone.

USD 2,900 plus shipping
Plaistow, New Hampshire, United States

13 course baroque lute by Jason Petty

May 31, 2023

For Sale

Based on the Frei lute in the Warwick County Museum, but with a triple nut extension based on Jauck.

The lute has 14 frets and measures 72 cm (83cm and 98cm for upper nuts).

Spruce top with ash ribs.

Link to me playing. (Recorded on an iPhone):

Located in Olympia, WA United States (Just South of Seattle, WA).

I thought I would play it more, but I’m not good at switching between instruments. Someone should play this amazing lute.

Kingham hard-case included.

USD 8,000
Olympia, Washington, United States
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