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5 course baroque mandolin by Matteo Baldinelli

December 31, 2023

For Sale

Based on Giovani Smorsone’s 1721 mandolino. 13 ribs, 33.5cm string length.
Perfect for playing with fingers, but plectrum playing works great as well.
Piercing and full of overtones, this instrument is ideal for playing Vivaldi’s concertos, and the repertoire for mandolino and basso continuo.
Great playability, beautiful sound.
Hard fitting case included.
Don’t hesitate if you have any further questions.

USD 1,400 plus insurance & shipping
Montreal, Canada

8 course lute after Giovanni Hieber by Luciano Faria

December 29, 2023

For Sale

The instrument body has 9 ribs of perfectly quartersawn Brazilian rosewood with ivory-wood spacers, neck and pegbox veneered with the same woods, German spruce soundboard, rosewood fingerboard and boxwood pegs. String length 60 cm. The instrument is brand new and is in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Hardcase included.
Additional photos available here.

USD 3,000 plus shipping
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Early Romantic Concert Guitar – Ludwig Reisinger (1863-1938) 

December 29, 2023

For Sale

A masterpiece from one of the most acclaimed guitar builders in history.

The guitar is in absolutely perfect playing condition.

The ease of playability is sensational. One can really fly on this guitar. The fingerboards and frets are in impeccable condition, it is almost like playing a brand new instrument.

Beautiful 22-fret ebony floating fingerboard with  Stauffer-style detachable neck/adjustable action, perfectly calibrated. It can even start below 3mm, and be adjusted it to whatever your preference is. Perhaps also depending on the repertoire, and how strong you want to play. . It comes with two necks, one in the early romantic guitar tradition with a 4.4cm. nut width, and the other a larger neck with a 5cm nut width. Which is awesome. Both are 22 fret – high d!


As with all Reisinger guitars it sounds amazing and plays like a dream.
The very best quality woods have been used with impeccable craftsmanship.

Reisinger is one of the most important builders in the Stauffer/Viennese tradition Stauffer, Martin, Reisinger. In a way he is the last step in the tradition, and his instruments demonstrate that in their superlative quality and craftsmanship. Reisinger is the culmination of the line.

This is a completely professional instrument for touring and concerts at the highest level.
An ideal instrument for performance practice technique of the classical/romantic repertoire.

For further information do not hesitate to make contact:


7 Course Renaissance Lute by Renzo Salvador (2019)

December 22, 2023

For Sale

 powerful renaissance lute in rare Macassar ebony
| 7 courses
| by Renzo Salvador [2019]
| 59cm
| magnet inside to easily attach a microphone
| pictures:
| can be tried in Antwerp or Louvain (Belgium)

| Kingham case included

EUR 3,350

Theorbo by Anders Åhlberg (2020)

December 16, 2023

For Sale

I’m selling my theorbo. It’s a very loud and great sounding instrument that I’m sad to depart with due to  severe life circumstances. Made in 2020 in Stockholm by Anders Åhlberg for me (commissioned in 2019). I will exclusively be interested in selling inside the US/Canada. I’m located in Cleveland, Ohio if you’d like to see the instrument in person.

A recording of the theorbo itself:

Made to be played in 415hz and would not advise tuning it to 440. The instrument is a very loud and present instrument and was made for large ensemble basso continuo work. 88cm fingerboard string length and  175cm diapason string length.

USD 4,500 plus shipping if applicable
Cleveland, Ohio, United States

11 Course Lute by Robert Lundberg (1995)

December 11, 2023

For Sale

For Sale: Robert Lundberg, 1995, 11 course, 71 cm.

This is a high-quality instrument, suitable for a touring, recording, professional lutenist. It is the last completed lute by the famed luthier Robert Lundberg. Perfect in every way for the touring lutenist, it contains no ivory or endangered woods, so crossing international borders will not be an issue with regard to CITES regulations.

Robert Lundberg (1948-2001) is considered by many to have been the world’s foremost authority on extant period lutes, and he authored the book “Historical Lute Construction,” considered to be the definitive work on the subject. I commissioned this lute from Bob in 1995. I used it for countless recordings and recitals. It is in excellent condition.

If you are interested in owning this fine instrument, please write me with any questions. It also has a very sturdy, flight-worthy case, and it will be expertly packed for shipment.

For more photos, please use this link to my drive:

USD 7,000 Shipping included within continental United States.
Austin, Texas, United States

6 Course Lute by Jacob Mariani (2020)

December 3, 2023

For Sale

For sale: 6 course lute, professional model, ideal for plectrum playing (late 15th century-early 16th century) built by Jacob Mariani in 2020.

Price: 2,800 euros (incl. Kingham case)

-String length: 58.5cm (in G)
-The sound is bright and super easy to play
-no repair trace or damage, almost new
-comes with Kingham case
-located in The Hague, the Netherlands (or I could carry it to Basel)
-I would like to avoid shipment as much as possible


EUR 2,800
The Hague, Netherlands
CONTACT asako.ueda.lute* (please change * to @)

8 Course Renaissance Lute after Hans Frei by Ken Brodkey (2006)

November 16, 2023

For Sale

For sale: an 8 course Hans Frei 62 cm renaissance lute made in 2006 by Ken Brodkey. The instrument is in very good condition but there are some scratches on the neck where the frets are tied, some wear on the veneer at the top of the pegbox, and a small ding on the top near the 12th fret – all flaws are captured in the attached photos.

The instrument projects well with the tone a bit on the dry side; the two sound samples below were made with a condenser mic and a bit of reverb added in the recording software. For the recording and photos the lute was strung at 415 with savarez trebles and wound pyramid basses, but it is now strung with nylgut and tuned to 440. I am selling to finance the purchase of a 10 course lute. Comes with a Kingham case.

The instrument is located in San Diego, CA, and the buyer must pick it up.

Additional photos and video available here.

USD 2,500 cash only
San Diego, California, United States

Baroque Guitar based on Matteo Sellas by Alexander Hopkins (2018)

November 14, 2023

For Sale

Baroque Guitar based on Matteo Sellas, 1650

A fine replica made by Alexander Hopkins, 2018. German Spruce top, Maple back and sides. Ebony veneered fingerboard and pegbox. 635 scale.

USD 3,250
San Diego, California, United States
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