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Viola da Mano

March 12, 2024

For Sale

Cezar Matteus instrument, custom made.  6 course Viola da Mano, tuned in A (415 Hz).56 cm string length, with vaulted back and/ custom lamination process for back and sides. Approx. 31 inches long.  Classical body type. Alternatively described as vihuela or baroque guitar.  Has case.

Local pickup only in the central NJ & greater NYC to Philadelphia area.

USD 5,000
United States

Larsen Baroque guitar with case

March 12, 2024

For Sale

5 course, Spanish model, lovely moustached bridge, very nice parchment rosette, neck probably mahogany. Form-fitted case made to measure by Kingham case co., UK. Maybe made circa 2009; date on label under rosette.

Local pickup only in the central NJ & greater NYC to Philadelphia area.

USD 3,000
United States

7 Course Renaissance Lute

February 22, 2024

For Sale

Beautiful 7-course G lute, string length 23in (roughly 58 1/2c). Originally built as a 6-course by Michael Schreiner in 1980, it was converted to a 7-course and upgraded in several installments by Joel van Lennep. Wonderfully balanced sound and very comfortable to play. Currently strung with gut strings (nylgut for the chanterelle). Strings and frets have a good amount of life left. Includes hardshell Kingham case. Recordings available on request.

USD 3,500
Lowell, Massachusetts, United States

14 course theorbo by Pascal Goldschmidt (1992)

February 15, 2024

For Sale

79/140cm, can be strung 7/7 or 6/8 (diapasons/fretted strings)

Very light and comfortable instrument with excellent projection; it’s MUCH louder than one would expect relative to its scale length. This has been my continuo workhorse for several years and cuts through any ensemble sound beautifully and, due to its light weight, is very comfortable to play for long rehearsals/performances.


With Singer:

Large Ensemble:

One mismatching peg in the upper pegbox due to an unfortunate accident years ago with a low ceiling. Replacement peg works perfectly.

Comes with custom Kingham case built in 2019

Local pickup preferred, but shipping possible (buyer pays shipping).

USD 6,000 + shipping if applicable
Richmond, Virginia, United States

Vihuela by Carlo Cecconi (2002)

February 1, 2024

For Sale

Very nice vihuela in mint conditions, built in 2002 by the Roman luthier Carlo Cecconi.
String lenght: 60 cm, tuned in G with Aquila Nylgut and D strings.
Body and sides: maple; neck and pegbox: lime ; fingerboard: rosewood
Very well made inlaid marquetry on the soundboard.
The sound – very clean with good projection and powerful bass register – can be listened here:
The instrument is in Rome but can be shipped overseas.

A semi-rigid case is available for 150€.

EUR 2,200 plus shipping and insurance
Rome, Italy

Pipa for sale

January 18, 2024

For Sale

Lute for sale in Arlington, VA. Like new, it has only ever been used as a household decorative item and has never been played, and only lightly handled. Looking to sell it to someone who will put it to good use and knows how to coax that sweet melody out of it!

USD 500
Arlington, Virginia, United States

Vihuela da mano by Joseph Mayes

January 9, 2024

For Sale

Scale is 47cm built originally as an ‘A’ vihuela but it sounded so good at ‘G’ that I left it there. It’s made of holly with ebony spacers. Because of the danger of customs people mistaking it for an ivory instrument, I have saved a wood-sample in the hard-shell case. $1500 plus shipping. If you’re in the Southern New Jersey area please feel free to come and drive it around the block.

USD 1,500 plus shipping
New Jersey, United States
CONTACT Joseph Mayes at 856 858 8902 or

8 course lute after Giovanni Hieber by Luciano Faria

December 29, 2023

For Sale

The instrument body has 9 ribs of perfectly quartersawn Brazilian rosewood with ivory-wood spacers, neck and pegbox veneered with the same woods, German spruce soundboard, rosewood fingerboard and boxwood pegs. String length 60 cm. The instrument is brand new and is in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Hardcase included.
Additional photos available here.

USD 3,000 plus shipping
Sao Paulo, Brazil

7 Course Renaissance Lute by Renzo Salvador (2019)

December 22, 2023

For Sale

 powerful renaissance lute in rare Macassar ebony
| 7 courses
| by Renzo Salvador [2019]
| 59cm
| magnet inside to easily attach a microphone
| pictures:
| can be tried in Antwerp or Louvain (Belgium)

| Kingham case included

EUR 3,350

Theorbo by Anders Åhlberg (2020)

December 16, 2023

For Sale

I’m selling my theorbo. It’s a very loud and great sounding instrument that I’m sad to depart with due to  severe life circumstances. Made in 2020 in Stockholm by Anders Åhlberg for me (commissioned in 2019). I will exclusively be interested in selling inside the US/Canada. I’m located in Cleveland, Ohio if you’d like to see the instrument in person.

A recording of the theorbo itself:

Made to be played in 415hz and would not advise tuning it to 440. The instrument is a very loud and present instrument and was made for large ensemble basso continuo work. 88cm fingerboard string length and  175cm diapason string length.

USD 4,500 plus shipping if applicable
Cleveland, Ohio, United States
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