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11 course lute with custom case Lute in excellent condition

February 5, 2021

For Sale

I can say now that it was made by a Dutch luthier called Bosch in the late 1980’s to an anonymous copy of a Renaissance lute that was transformed into an 11-course baroque lute. I have restrung it with nylgut and gut strings made by Point d’Accroche in Paris

Mensura is 647 mm

EUR 2,000 + shipping
Madrid, Spain
CONTACT email: phone: 627750834

14 course archlute by Maurice Ottiger

February 2, 2021

For Sale

String length 63cm/94,5cm (7+7, single strung extension)
Back of flamed maple.
Very light weight with an extremely powerful sound,
a rather modern style, high quality instrument.
Perfect condition, with velvet lined deluxe Kingham case.

EUR 5,000
Basel or Geneva, Switzerland

8c renaissance lute by Matteo Baldinelli 2018

December 11, 2020

For Sale

The instrument is like new and in a very good condition. It has a good projection and a warm sound. Very comfortable for the left hand.
60,5 cm string length

The instrument is visible and testable in Milano (Italy), Lyon and Paris (France).

EUR 2,800 (negotiable), handmade case included
Milano, Italy /Paris/Lyon, France
CONTACT For more informations and pictures please contact:

7-course Renaissance D-g’ lute

December 11, 2020

For Sale

I made it for exhibition in January this year and finally got a very nice case for it. It is strung with light tension Aquila gut strings at 63 cm scale, but can be re-strung with Aquila Nylgut of higher tension. The instrument is based on the C.34 Hans Frei in the Vienna Kunsthistorisches Museum. It is made of European Cherry staves and neck, Italian Spruce sound-board, Makassar Ebony appointments. Please message me for particulars.

Shipping: anywhere via DHL, insured 3rd party (Sinfonima) + carrier’s insurance.

EUR 4,500 including case, not including shipping
Berlin, Germany

6 c. Renaissance professional lute by Stephen Barber and Sandi Harris

October 15, 2020

For Sale

Dear friends, I sell a fantastic and precious six-course concert lute made by Stephen Barber and Sandi Harris. It is a luxury instrument, extremly beautiful, and that sounds great. Features:
– 11 ribs in a very highly-figured, hard “quilted” maple, extremely ornamental (it has an impressive three-dimensional effect on the ribs): the 11 ribs were sawn in sequence from a single plank, and were finished with oil-based amber varnish.
– Fingerboard: figured satinwood, edged with bone.
– Soundboard: Haselfichte “bearclaw” spruce, very ornamental, and of the highest quality.
– Neck and pegbox: pear.
– Pegs: heart-shaped pegs made in pernambuco.
– String length: 54 cm.
Reason for sale: I am a violagambista and cellist. I bought the lute to play a duo with my brother, but I don’t have time to play it, and it is a lute that deserves to be played.
It has a very clear, rounded, full sound; Projects great, with a very special and precious sound and presence. It´s a lute that makes every single note clear, making it ideal for playing polyphony, but it´s very easy and convenient to play too, so it´s also an instrument that can easily be played at high speed. It´s ideal both for playing solo repertoire (super comfortable for string length and for its response, that it´s excellent), as in consort of lutes and broken consort… Particularly well-suited to the more demanding renaissance repertoire (where some of the left-hand stretches can be quite difficult).
It’s stringed with nygut and gut now.
The lute is almost brand new. I have taken care of it with great care, as you can see it in the photos. It has a Kingham case.

Soria, Spain

10 string doubleneck guitar by Gary Southwell after Scherzer (1861)

October 12, 2020

For Sale

This is a copy of a guitar originally made in Vienna in 1861 by J.G. Scherzer, one of Stauffer’s star apprentices. The guitar has a double adjustable neck and features a double back to prevent the player damping the guitar’s body. It is made with a German spruce top, figured maple back and sides and a neck veneered in ebony.
The instrument is in the south of Germany. Questions welcome.

EUR 8,000 including Kingham case
CONTACT e-mail:

13c swan neck lute made by James Marriage and refurbished by Klaus Jacobsen

October 1, 2020

For Sale

In mint conditions for sale.
This instrument sounds very well, perfectly balanced. Ideal for solo or chamber music.
Actually strung in nylgut/aquila but it’s perfect for gut strings.
Comes with a larger Kingham case originally built for an archlute (cm 67-135 or more).
The case is old but perfectly working and it has weels.
The instrument is now in Rome.
I would prefer hand pick up but I can safely send it.

EUR 4,200
Rome, Italy
CONTACT mcarreca at
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