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Baroque Guitar For Sale

May 2, 2021

For Sale

Luthier Mikhail Fedchenko,  2010
top – spruce
body – maple tree
inlaid fingerboard – rosewood and maple
Template – Voboam

A bright and strong instrument, suitable for both continuo and solo music.
The guitar has never undergone repairs, has no damage or cracks.
One peg is missing.
A year ago I was in Italy and I left my guitar there, due to the quarantine and the closed borders I could not return to take it back. This year I bought another guitar in Russia and therefore I decided to sell this one.
The guitar is in a convenient semi-rigid case.
You can try it in Verona or Vicenza.


Price includes case but not shipping costs.

EUR 1,900 + shipping

11 Course Baroque Lute with case

April 27, 2021

For Sale

Built by Daniel Larson, Saraband Model 2015, 70 cm string length.

USD 5,100
Frederick, Maryland, United States


April 24, 2021

For Sale

New vihuela by Gy.Lõrinczi with custom plywood case.

59.4 cm string length.

Slightly arched maple back.

Tasteful decorations on the spruce top.

Strung in nylon.

Easy to play, low action.


EUR 1,200 + shipping


4 Course Renaissance Guitar

April 24, 2021

For Sale

New 4 course Renaissance guitar made by Gy. Lõrinczi in 2021.
New instrument strung in nylon.
Wonderful sound and perfect action.
Comes with custom plywood case.

EUR 1,000 + shipping


9 Course Renaissance Lute

April 12, 2021

For Sale

New 9 course Renaissance lute for sale, made of maple and ebony with a spruce top, tuned to G

USD 2,500 + shipping
Fall River, Massachusetts, United States

Viola da Mano after Raimondi’s Engraving Tuned in G

February 25, 2021

For Sale

Back and sides Spanish cedar, 30 year old Engelmann top, 57 cm mensur with Nylgut strings, gut frets, walnut neck + pegbox, snakewood/boxwood/ebony fretboard, cocobolo pegs.

Great bright tone, just-right action, comes with a hard case. Alan Arthur Suits ,builder, Dec. 2020

USD 3,800 + shipping at cost
Santa Fe, NM, United States

Vihuela Tuned in G

February 25, 2021

For Sale

Figured maple sides, flamed maple, Indian rosewood, boxwood, pear back laminated on Spanish cedar, maple/ebony/Spanish cedar/cherry neck, boxwood pegs,30 year old Engelmann top. Snakewood, ebony and boxwood fretboard. Lovely sound and just-right action. Alan Arthur Suits, builder in Santa Fe, New Mexico, January 2021. With a Gator ¾ hard case. 59 cm mensur

USD 3,500 + shipping at cost
Santa Fe, NM, United States

11 course lute with custom case Lute in excellent condition

February 5, 2021

For Sale

I can say now that it was made by a Dutch luthier called Bosch in the late 1980’s to an anonymous copy of a Renaissance lute that was transformed into an 11-course baroque lute. I have restrung it with nylgut and gut strings made by Point d’Accroche in Paris

Mensura is 647 mm

EUR 2,000 + shipping
Madrid, Spain
CONTACT email: phone: 627750834

14 course archlute by Maurice Ottiger

February 2, 2021

For Sale

String length 63cm/94,5cm (7+7, single strung extension)
Back of flamed maple.
Very light weight with an extremely powerful sound,
a rather modern style, high quality instrument.
Perfect condition, with velvet lined deluxe Kingham case.

EUR 5,000
Basel or Geneva, Switzerland

8c renaissance lute by Matteo Baldinelli 2018

December 11, 2020

For Sale

The instrument is like new and in a very good condition. It has a good projection and a warm sound. Very comfortable for the left hand.
60,5 cm string length

The instrument is visible and testable in Milano (Italy), Lyon and Paris (France).

EUR 2,800 (negotiable), handmade case included
Milano, Italy /Paris/Lyon, France
CONTACT For more informations and pictures please contact:
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