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2016 – Volume 51, No. 4

  • The Complete Works of Jacques St. Luc — Douglas Towne
  • A Brief History of St. Luc — Edward Martin
  • Being a Lutenist in the Information Age — Lukas Henning
  • Non-lute Music for Lutenists: Giovanni Bassano — Sean Smith
  • 3 Early Romanescas

2016 – Volume 51, No. 3

  • About the Cover Picture—Lute Player (Rembrandt van Rijn) by Jan Lievens — Michael Stover
  • The Music of Johannes Ghiselin in Settings for the Lute An Intabulation of “O florens rosa” for Lute and Melody Instrument — Michael Stover
  • Songs from Stare Into the Sound — Music by Jamie Dunphy & Lyrics by Seth Peterson
  • Plays Well With Others A Group Approach to Arranging — Madeleine Owen
  • “Stolen Moments” — Using Quotations in our Improvisations – Douglas Freundlich

2016 – Volume 51, No. 2

  • Prelude II and Dolent depart from Pierre Attaingnant’s Tres breve et
  • familiere introduction…(Paris, 1529) — Douglas Hensley
  • Plectrum-fingers Technique in 15th Century Lute Music — Esteban La Rotta
  • Pastyme at the Court of Henry VIII — Ray Nurse
  • A Look at Plectrum Use During the Renaissance — Joya Muma
  • Toccata del S.R.Arcangelo Attributed to Arcangelo Lori [Arcangelo del Leuto, Arcangelo del Liuto] — Sylvain Bergeron
  • The Cleveland Lute Festival 2016 — Photos by Tina Gutierrez

2016 – Volume 51, No. 1

  • Ronn McFarlane Talks about Ayrheart – Interviewed by Christopher Wilke
  • Building Scales and Rhythm Using a Johnson Ground – Sean Smith
  • A (Re-) Construction of the Wolfenbuttel Lute Tablature – Mark Lewon
  • How Much of Dowland’s Lute Music Do We Actually Have? – Martin Shepherd

2015 – Volume 50, No. 4

  • Q and A with Sylvain Bergeron — Interviewed by Konstantin Bozhinov
  • Cuatro differencias sobre “Ay triste que vengo,” a villancico by Juan Del Encina (1468-1530) — Sylvain Bergeron
  • The Lute As A Living Tradition: Le luth, l’ami des rois (a One-Person Show) — Madeleine Owen
  • Xavier Diaz-Latorre — Interviewed by Konstantin Bozhinov
  • Francesc o’s “Fantasia Dolsicima et Amorosa”(A Most Sweet and Lovely Fantasia) — Ray Nurse
  • Intabulating Madrigals with BeierTab — Paul Beier
  • The New LSA Online Presence: Much More than a Website!— Phillip Rukavina
  • In Memoriam Robert Crim: Donations for the Lute Rental Program — Suzanne Schwartz

2015 – Volume 50, No. 3

  • Cifras Coloradas, To Sing Or Not To Sing: Revisiting the Vocal Vihuela Repertoire — Esteban La Rotta
  • Enriquez de Valderrabano’s Soneto Lombardo a manera di danç — Ray Nurse
  • The Introductions to La Fortuna, Books I and II — trans. Paul Beier
  • Francesco da Milano and the viola da mano — Douglas Hensley
  • What’s the Problem with Dedillo Technique?— Phillip Rukavina
  • Dealing with Dedillo — Robert Barto
  • The LSA Lute Rental Program is Growing — Michael Grant

2015 – Volume 50, No. 1&2

  • How To Make A fortune with the Renaissance Guitar – Gérard Rebours
  • Interview With Thomas Dunford
  • The Duple-Time French Gigue – Douglas Towne
  • A Courante And Its Arrangements – Mathias Rosel
  • What Are They Up To Now…? – Fiona Thistle