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The Journal of the Lute Society of America is an open access scholarly refereed journal and has been published annually since 1968. It is one of the foremost international publications of research and scholarship concerning all aspects of the lute, lute music, and all related early plucked instruments and contains articles by eminent researchers from throughout the world. All volumes can be consulted or downloaded here.

The Journal welcomes contributions. Contact the Editor, John Griffiths for advice regarding preparation of materials for submission, or any other matter. For the LSA Style Guide, please see our Author Resources page.

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JLSA 9 (1976)

  • “The So-Called ‘Dowland Lute Book’ in the Folger Shakespeare Library”  p5 – John M. Ward
  • “The Lute Duets of John Johnson”  p30 – Lyle Nordstrom
  • “Lutes and Related Instruments in Eight Important European and American Collections (continued)”  p43 – Michael Saffle
  • “Alternate Sources for the Printed Guitar Music of Francesco Corbetta (1615–1681)”  p62 – Richard T. Pinnell 
  • ‘How Beginners…Should Proceed:’  The Lute Instructions of LeSage De Richee”  p87 – Douglas Alton Smith & Peter Danner
  • Review of Giacomo Gorzanis: Libro de intabulatura di liuto (1567), transc. Bruno Tonazzi  p95 – Peter Danner
  • Review of Johann Sebastian Bach:  Drei Lautenkompositionen in zeitgenoessischer Tablatur and Bach, The Prelude, Fuga, and Allegro in Tablature for Lute, arr. David Rhodes; and Bach, Fuga BWV 1000, ed. & transc. Alfonso Borghese  p99 – Douglas Alton Smith
  • Review of facsimile editions of Antoine Franscisque: Le Tresor d’Orphee (Paris, 1600); Denis Gaultier:  Pièces de Luth (Paris, c. 1670); Perrine [first name unknown]:  Livre de musique pour le lut (Paris, 1679 [with insertion from later editions]), and Michel Brenet:  Notes sur l’histoire du luth en France (Turin, 1899)  p102 – Douglas Alton Smith
  • Review of Ernst Gottlieb Baron, Study of the Lute, transl. Douglas Alton Smith  p105 – Diana Poulton
  • Corrections to misprints in his communication in Vol. VIII (1975)  p106 – Eugen Dombois
  • Additional entries to bibliography in article by David Lyons in Vol. VIII (1975)  p108 – The Editors

JLSA 8 (1975)

  • “The Bernhard Jobin Lutebooks (1572–1573)”  p5 – Ruth K. Inglefield
  • “Lutes and Related Instruments in Eight Important European and American Collections”  p22 – Michael Saffle
  • “The Instructions in Matthaeus Waissel’s Lautenbuch”  p49 – Douglas Alton Smith
  • “Nathaniel Diesel, Guitar Tutor to a Royal Lady”  p80 – David B. Lyons
  • Review of The Collected Lute Music of John Dowland, transc. & ed. by Diana Poulton and Basil Lam  p95 – Peter Danner
  • Review of Lute Making by Joan Bachorick  p98 – Lyn Elder
  • Review of Musik for Laute, Vol. I. England; and Musik for Laute, Vol. II. Italien, Konrad Ragossnig, lute  p100 – Thomas F. Heck
  • Douglas Alton Smith, and Robert G. Lundberg, Comments on Lundberg’s article in Vol. VII (1974)  p103 – Edward L. Kottick 
  • Corrections to errors printed in his article in Vol. VII (1974)  p106 – Eugen Dombois
  • Correction and comments to his article in Vol. II (1969)  p106 – Stanley Buetens

JLSA 7 (1974)

  •  “Giovanni Paolo Foscarini and His ‘Nuova Inventione’”  p4 – Peter Danner
  • “Lute Music:  Tablatures, Textures and Transcriptions”  p19 – Thomas F. Heck
  • “Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Lute-Making”  p31 – Robert Lundberg
  • “A Spanish Guitar Tutor:  Ribayaz’s Luz y Norte Musical (1677)”  p51 – Robert Strizich
  • “Varieties of Meantone Temperament Realized on the Lute”  p82 – Eugen M. Dombois
  • “Eccentric Forms of the Guitar, 1770–1850”  90 – Joscelyn Godwin
  • Review of Hans Newsidler, Ein newgeordent kunstlich Lautenbuch (1536) and Jacques Bittner, Pieces de luth (1682)  p103 – Peter Danner
  • Review of The Burwell Lute Tutor; The Sampson Lute Book and The Turpyn Lute Book  p104 – Stanley Buetens
  • David Lyons, Review of Baroque Lute Recital, Vol. I, and Baroque Lute Recital, Vol. II, Toyohiko Satoh, [Baroque lute]  p107 – Ron Purcell
  • Review of The Renaissance of the Cittern, The Festival Consort  p109 – Stanley Buetens

JLSA 6 (1973)

  • “The Survival of the Theorbo Principal”  p4 – Joscelyn Godwin
  • “Hans Gerle:  Sixteenth-Century Lutenist and Pedagogue”  p17 – Jane Pierce
  • “Correct and Easy Fret Placement”  p30 – Eugen M. Dombois
  • “An Update to the Bibliography of Guitar Tablatures”  p33 – Peter Danner
  • “Theorbo Accompaniments of Early Seventeenth-Century Italian Monody”  p37 – Stanley Buetens
  • “Two New English Lute Duets”  p46 (PDF, 23.1 KB) – Lyle Nordstrom
  • “Baron and Weiss Contra Mattheson:  In Defense of the Lute”  p48 – Douglas Alton Smith
  • Review of Liuto, Vihuela, Chitarra, e strumenti similari nelle loro intavolature, con cenni sulle loro letterature by Bruno Tonazzi  p63 – Thomas F. Heck
  • Review of Sonatas for Lute by Sylvius Leopold Weiss, David Rhodes, Baroque lute  p66 – Douglas Alton Smith
  • Review of John Dowland: Lute Songs and Lute Solos, Deborah Minkin, lute; Willard Cobb, tenor  p68 – Peter Danner

JLSA 5 (1972)

  •  “Before Petrucci:  The Lute in the Fifteenth-Century”  p4 – Peter Danner
  • “Ornamentation in Spanish Baroque Guitar Music”  p18 – Robert Strizich
  • “Bibliography of Guitar Tablatures 1546–1764”  p40 – Peter Danner
  • “Mary Magdalene, Lutenist”  p52 – Daniel Heartz
  • “Description of a Lute”  p68 – Michael Loraine
  • “The Cambridge Consort Books”  p70 – Lyle Nordstrom
  • “A Hungarian Lute Manuscript”  p104 – Dániel Benkö,
  • Review of Das Florilegium des Adrian Denss (Köln, 1594) by Dieter Klöckner  p110 – H. Bruce Lobaugh
  • Review of Laute, Theorbe, Chittarrone by Ernst Pohlmann (2nd enl. ed.)  p114 – Stanley Buetens
  • Review of Francesco Da Milano:  Opere complete per liuto, transc. by Ruggiero Chiesa  p117 – Peter Danner

JLSA 4 (1971)

  •  “Notes on Four Sixteenth-Century Tuscan Lutebooks”  p1 – Carol MacClintock
  • “The Lute in the Czech Lands, An Historical Survey”  p9 – Adrienne Simpson
  • “Music in Italian Tablatures for Five-Course Spanish Guitar”  p21 – Richard Hudson
  • “Song Accompaniments for Lyra Viol and Lute”  p43 – Mary Cyr
  • “Left-Handed Fingerings of Difficult Single-Line Passages”  p50 – Stanley Buetens
  • Review of The Lute Music of Francesco Canova da Milano (1497-1543), edited by Arthur J. Ness  p56 – Peter Danner
  • Review of John Dowland by Diana Poulton  p59 – Stanley Buetens

JLSA 3 (1970)

  •  “Dd.4.23 or English Cittern Music Revisited”  p1 – Peter Danner
  •  “Adrian Denss’ Florilegium (1594)”  p13 – H. Bruce Lobaugh
  • “Caccini-Dowland: Monody Realized”  p22 – Joan Myers
  • “Chordal Aspects of the Italian Dance Style 1500–1650”  p35 – Richard Hudson
  • “On Fretting a Lute”  p53 – Stanley Buetens
  • Review of The Art and Times of the Guitar by Frederic V. Grunfeld and The Illustrated History of the Guitar by Alexander Bellow  p64 – Peter Danner
  • Review of Oeuvres de Nicolas Vallet pour luth seul, transcribed by Andre Souris  p69 – Stanley Buetens

JLSA 2 (1969)

  • “Ornamentation of Flemish Chansons Found in Lute Duets of Francesco Spinacino”  p1 – Lyle Nordstrom“The Third Lute Suite by Bach, Three Manuscripts and Their Implications”  p9 – Alice Artzt
  • “The Instructions of Alessandro Piccinini”  p6 – Stanley Buetens
  • “Performance Practice Indications in Adrianssen’s Lute Ensemble Music”  p18 – Joan Myers
  • “Nicolas Vallet’s Lute Quartets”  p28 – Stanley Buetens
  • “Saga of a Twentieth-Century Lute Pioneer”  p37 – Suzanne Bloch
  • “A Method for Stringing Lutes”  p44 – Toyohiko Satoh
  • “Some Observations on Recent Editions of Lute Music”  p48 – Peter Danner
  • Review of Method for the Renaissance Lute by Stanley Buetens  p56 – Joseph N. Garton

JLSA 1 (1968)

  • “Jean-Baptist Besard, Renaissance Gentleman”  p1 – Julia Sutton
  • “The Third Lute Suite by Bach, Three Manuscripts and Their Implications”  p9 – Alice Artzt
  • “Vihuela Technique”  p15 – Joan Myers
  • “Notes on the Jane Pickering Lute Book, with Special Emphasis on the Music for Two Lutes”  p19 – Thomas Forest Kelly
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