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The Journal of the Lute Society of America is an open access scholarly refereed journal and has been published annually since 1968. It is one of the foremost international publications of research and scholarship concerning all aspects of the lute, lute music, and all related early plucked instruments and contains articles by eminent researchers from throughout the world. All volumes can be consulted or downloaded here.

The Journal welcomes contributions. Contact the Editor, John Griffiths for advice regarding preparation of materials for submission, or any other matter. For the LSA Style Guide, please see our Author Resources page.

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JLSA 19 (1986)

  •  “Parody Versus Paraphrase in G.P. Paladino’s Fantasia on Alcun non puo saper”  p1 – Paul Martell
  •  “Collaboration Between Campion and Rosseter?”  p13 – Erik S. Ryding
  • “‘The Consent of Speaking Harmony:’  The Literary Aesthetics of the English Air”  p29 – Daniel T. Fischlin
  • “A Poet’s Description of the Lute Playing of Silvius Leopold Weiss, and a Possible Link Between Weiss and David Kellner”  p58 – Kenneth Sparr
  • “Arnolt Schlick’s Maria Zart for Lute and Voice:  Background, Sources, Performance”  p68 – Charles Turner
  • Review of Fabritio Caroso:  Nobilità di Dame:  A treatise on courtly dance…, transl., ed. & intro. Julia Sutton  p81 – Emma Lewis Thomas
  • Review of Guitar and Vihuela:  an Annotated Bibliography, by Meredith Alice McCutcheon  p84 – Craig Russell
  • Review of the facsimile edition of Henry Grenerin:  Livre de théorbe contenant plusiers pièces sur differens tons, avec une nouvelle méthode…  p88 – Kevin Mason
  • Review of the facsimile edition of Manuscrit Béthune.  Tablature d’angelique intro. by François Lesure  p91 – Wallace Rave
  • Communication in response to Victor Coelho’s article, “Studies in the Lute and Its Music” in Volume XVII/XVIII  p96 – Philippe Vendrix
  • Communication on creation of a RISM plucked-string catalog committee  p96 – Christian Meyer

JLSA 17 (1984) & 18 (1985)

  •  “A Chitarrone and Lute Manuscript for Stefano Pignatelli”  p1 – J. Michael Allsen
  • “Elias Mertel’s Hortus Musicalis Novus and Progressive Tendencies in the Late Renaissance Lute Fantasia”  p26 – John O. Robison
  • “Pietro Paolo Melii, Musician of Reggio Emilia”  p42 – Francesca Torelli
  •  “The Lute Collection of the Paris Museum of Musical Instruments:  Its Character, Formation and Development”  p50 – Florence Getreau
  • “Some Lutes in Paris Museums, Part 2”  p53 – Joël Dugot
  •  “A Computerized Approach to the Early Italian Lute Ricercar”  p106 – Richard d’A. Jensen
  •  “Transformation in Intabulation”  p114 – Hiroyuki Minamino
  • “Studies in the Lute and Its Music”  p118 – Victor Coelho
  • Review of Manuscrit Barbe, intro. Claude Chauvel  p133 – David J. Buch
  • Review of facsimile editions of Adam Falckenhagen:  Sonate di Liuto, Opera prima and Adam Falckenhagen:  Sei Partite a Liuto solo, Opera secunda  p134 – Richard K. Falkenstein
  • Review of facsimile editions of Franciscus Bossinensis:  Tenori e contrabassi intabulati col sopran in canto figurato per cantar e sonar col lauto, Libro primo and Franciscus Bossinensis:  Tenori e contrabassi intabulati col sopran in canto figurato per cantar e sonar col lauto, Libro secundo  p136 – Richard d’A. Jensen
  • Communication in response to Craig H. Russell’s articles “Santiago de Murcia: The French Connection in Baroque Spain” in Volume XV and “Fran?ois le Cocq’s Influence on Santiago de Murcia: Problems with Dates, Sources and Recomposition” in Volume XVI  p139 – Monica Hall
  • Rebuttal to Monica Hall’s Communication  p141 – Craig Russell
  • Communication in response to Joël Dugot’s article “Some Lutes in Paris Museums, Part 1” in Volume XVI  p142 – Donald Gill

JLSA 16 (1983)

  • “Santiago de Murcia and François le Cocq”  p3 – Monica Hall
  • “François le Cocq’s Influence on Santiago de Murcia:  Problems with Dates, Sources and Recomposition”  p7 – Craig H. Russell
  • “On the Authorship of William Lawes’s Suite for Two Lutes”  p12 – David Buch
  •  “Lutenists in Renaissance Venice:  Some Notes from the Archives”  p15 – Jonathan Glixon
  • “Some Lutes in Paris Museums, Part 1”  p27 – Joël Dugot
  • “Angelo Gardano’s Balletti Moderni and its Relations to Cesare Negri’s Le Gratie D’Amore”  p57 – C.P. Coldwell
  • “G.G. Kapsberger in Rome, 1604–1645:  New Biographical Data  p103 – Victor Coelho

JLSA 15 (1982)

  • “Ornamentation in Sebastian Ochsenkun’s Tabulaturbuch auff die Lauten”  p5 – John O. Robison, 
  • “Changing the Instrument for the Music”  p27 – John M. Ward
  • “Santiago de Murcia:  The French Connection in Baroque Spain”  p40 – Craig H. Russell
  • “New Sources of the Music of Count Losy”  p52 – Tim Crawford
  • Review of Marco de l’Aquila:  12 Ricercari für Renaissancelaute, ed. Stefan Lundgren; Simon Gintzler:  6 Ricercari für Renaissancelaute, ed. Stefan Lundgren; Englische Duette für Renaissancelauten, ed. Stefan Lundgren; Johann Anton Losy:  Zwei Suiten für Barocklaute, ed. Stefan Lundgren; and Charles Mouton:  Suite in g-Moll für Barocklaute, ed. Stefan Lundgren  p84 – Peter Danner
  • Review of Thomas Morley, First Book of Consort Lessons, ed. William Casey  p87 – Lyle Nordstrom
  • Review of Adam Falckenhagen, Gesamtausgabe, ed. Joachim Domning  p91 – Douglas Alton Smith

JLSA 14 (1981)

  • “Lute Music of Johann Anton Losy”  p5 – Emil Vogl
  • “Dowland’s ‘Walsingham’”  p59 – James Meadors 
  • “François Campion’s Secret of Accompaniment for the Theorbo, Guitar and Lute”  p69 – Kevin Mason
  • Review of The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, ed. Stanley Sadie  p95 – Peter Danner
  • Review of Guillaume Morlaye, Œvers pour le luth, ed. Michel Renault  p100 – Stanley Buetens
  • Review of Silvius Leopold Weiss:  Suite c-minor, Prelude and Fuga C-major, and Suite g-minor, Konrad Junghänel, Baroque lute, and Silvius Leopold Weiss, Lautenmusik, Toyohiko Sato, Baroque lute  p103 – Douglas Alton Smith

JLSA 13 (1980)

  • “Lutenists at the Court of Mantua in the Late Fifteenth and Early Sixteenth Centuries”  p5 – William F. Prizer
  • “On the Geometry of the Lute”  p35 – Gerhard Christian Söhne
  • “In Memoriam Emil Vogl (1901–1977)”  p55 – Josef Klima
  • “Johann Anton Losy:  Lutenist of Prague”  p58 (PDF, 1.23 MB) – Emil Vogl
  • Review of Die Lauten- und Geigenmacher des Füssener Landes by Richard Bletschacher, and Die allgauer Lauten- und Geigenmacher by Adolf Layer  p87 – Douglas Alton Smith
  • Review of the facsimiles of Ludovico Roncalli:  Capricci armonici supra la chitarra spagnola (Bergamo, 1692), intro. Michael Macmeeken, and Santiago de Murzia:  Passacalles y obras de guitarra por todos los tonos naturales y accidentales (no city, 1732), intro. Michael Macmeeken  p92 – Robert Strizich
  • Review of J. S. Bach, Opere complete per liuto transcr. Paolo Cherici  p98 – Peter Danner
  • Review of Baroque Duos for Lutes and Baroque Guitars, Catherine Liddell Strizich, Renaissance and Baroque lutes; Robert Strizich, lute and Baroque guitar  p102 – Richard Pinnell

JLSA 12 (1979)

  • “Right-Hand Position in Renaissance Lute Technique”  p5 – Paul Beier
  • “The Modena Tiorba Manuscript”  p25 – Mirco Caffagni
  • “A Lute Duet of John Dowland”  p43 – Lyle Nordstrom
  • “The Lutes in the Museo Municipal de Musica in Barcelona”  p48 – John Griffiths
  • “The Resurrection of the Lute in Twentieth-Century Germany”  p67 – Kurt Rottmann
  • “The D Minor Lute in Central Europe After the Second World War”  p73 – Josef Klima
  • Review of Handschriftlich überlieferte Lauten- und Gitarrentablaturen des 15. bis 18. Jahrhunderts, ed. Wolfgang Boetticher  p78 – Douglas Alton Smith
  • Review of Making Musical Instruments by Charles Ford  p82 – Lyn Elder
  • Review of the facsimile of Simone Molinaro:  Intavolatura di lliuto, libro primo (Venezia, 1599), ed. Orlando Cristoforetti  p84 – Paul O’Dette
  • Review of the facsimile of Giovanni Battista Grantata:  Capricci armonici sopra la chittariglia spagnuola (Bologna, 1646), intro. Paolo Paolini  p86 – Robert Strizich
  • Review of the facsimile of Jacques de Gallot:  Pièces de luth (Paris, no date [1684?]), intro. François Lesure  p93 – Peter Danner
  • Review of Renaissance Music for Two Lutes, Catherine [Liddell] and Robert Strizich, lutes  p96 – Peter Danner
  • Communication in response to “A Translation of H. Newsidler’s Ein Newgeordnet Künstlich Lautenbuch” by Marc Southard & Suzana Cooper in Volume XI (1978)  p99 – Paul O’Dette

JLSA 11 (1978)

  • “A Translation of H. Newsidler’s Ein Newgeordnet Künstlich Lautenbuch”  p5 – Marc Southard & Suzana Cooper
  • “Thomas Robinson’s Interpretive Left-Hand Fingerings for the Lute and Cittern”  p26 – Susan G. Sandman
  • “The Lutes in the Bavarian National Museum in Munich”  p36 – Douglas Alton Smith
  • “Luis Milán and Meantone Temperament”  45 – Mark Lindley
  • “Battuto Performance Practice in Early Italian Guitar Music (1606–1637)”  p63 – Joseph Weidlich
  • Review of Miguel de Fuenllana:  Orphénica Lyra, ed. Charles Jacobs  p87 – Peter Danner 
  • Review of Johann Sebastian Bach, Sonatas and Partitas for Violin Solo, arr. Gusta Goldschmidt  p89 – Catherine [Liddell] Strizich
  • Review of Z loutnovich tablature ceského baroka, ed. Emil Vogl.  p94 – Douglas Alton Smith
  • Review of Johann Sebastian Bach:  Opere per liuto, ed. Ernesto Cipriani  p97 – Peter Danner
  • Review of Musik für 2 und 3 Lauten, Konrad Ragossnig, Jürgen Hübscher, and Dieter Kirsch, lutes  p99 – Stanley Buetens
  • Communication about an instrument in the Hague  p100 – Ernst Pohlmann
  • Clarification on information in his article in Vol. VII (1974)  p101 – Peter Danner
  • Errata and addenda to his “A Dowland Miscellany” in Vol. X (1977)  p101 – John M. Ward
  • “Michael Schäffer (1937-1978), A Tribute”  p105 – Franklin Lei, Catherine Liddell Strizich, and Robert Strizich

JLSA 9 (1976)

  • “The So-Called ‘Dowland Lute Book’ in the Folger Shakespeare Library”  p5 – John M. Ward
  • “The Lute Duets of John Johnson”  p30 – Lyle Nordstrom
  • “Lutes and Related Instruments in Eight Important European and American Collections (continued)”  p43 – Michael Saffle
  • “Alternate Sources for the Printed Guitar Music of Francesco Corbetta (1615–1681)”  p62 – Richard T. Pinnell 
  • ‘How Beginners…Should Proceed:’  The Lute Instructions of LeSage De Richee”  p87 – Douglas Alton Smith & Peter Danner
  • Review of Giacomo Gorzanis: Libro de intabulatura di liuto (1567), transc. Bruno Tonazzi  p95 – Peter Danner
  • Review of Johann Sebastian Bach:  Drei Lautenkompositionen in zeitgenoessischer Tablatur and Bach, The Prelude, Fuga, and Allegro in Tablature for Lute, arr. David Rhodes; and Bach, Fuga BWV 1000, ed. & transc. Alfonso Borghese  p99 – Douglas Alton Smith
  • Review of facsimile editions of Antoine Franscisque: Le Tresor d’Orphee (Paris, 1600); Denis Gaultier:  Pièces de Luth (Paris, c. 1670); Perrine [first name unknown]:  Livre de musique pour le lut (Paris, 1679 [with insertion from later editions]), and Michel Brenet:  Notes sur l’histoire du luth en France (Turin, 1899)  p102 – Douglas Alton Smith
  • Review of Ernst Gottlieb Baron, Study of the Lute, transl. Douglas Alton Smith  p105 – Diana Poulton
  • Corrections to misprints in his communication in Vol. VIII (1975)  p106 – Eugen Dombois
  • Additional entries to bibliography in article by David Lyons in Vol. VIII (1975)  p108 – The Editors
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