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The Journal of the Lute Society of America is an open access scholarly refereed journal and has been published annually since 1968. It is one of the foremost international publications of research and scholarship concerning all aspects of the lute, lute music, and all related early plucked instruments and contains articles by eminent researchers from throughout the world. All volumes can be consulted or downloaded here.

The Journal welcomes contributions. Contact the Editor, John Griffiths for advice regarding preparation of materials for submission, or any other matter. For the LSA Style Guide, please see our Author Resources page.

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JLSA 30 (1997)

  • “A Possible Likeness of John Dowland” p1 – Olav C.Henriksen
  • “Autobiography of Pietro Bertacchini” p7 – Douglas Alton Smith and Marco Caffagni
  • “French Lyricism in 17th century pièces de luth” p25 – George Torres
  • “Life and Works of Ernst Gottlieb Baron” p43 – Per Kjetil Farstad

JLSA 26 (1993) & 27 (1994)

  • “Luis de Narváez and Music Publishing in Sixteenth-Century Spain” p1 – Juan Ruiz Jimínez
  • “Luis de Narváez and the Intabulation Tradition of Josquin’s Mille Regretz” p17 – Walter Aaron Clark
  • “Science, Lute Tablature, and Universal Languages: Thomas Salmon’s Essay to the Advancement of Musick (1672)” p53 – Robert E. Lawrence
  • “Regular Meantone Temperaments Applied to Francesco da Milano” p71 – James Bailey
  • “A Monkey Business: Petrucci, Antico, and the Frottola Intabulation” p96 – Hiroyuki Minamino
  • “Il Divino Francesco: International Symposium on Francesco da Milano” p107 – Mariagrazia. Carlone

JLSA 25 (1992)

  • Corrigenda and addenda to his “Problems of Tonality in the Ricercars of Spinacino and Bossinensis” in Volume XXIII XXIV p53 – Piotr Pozniak
  • “The Sounds of Chivalry: Lute Song and Harp Song for Sir Henry Lee” XXV p1 – Andrew Taylor
  • “On Dating the Lute Music in La Rhétorique des dieux: New Evidence from Watermarks” XXV p25 – David J. Buch
  • Review of In Harmony Framed: Musical Humanism, Thomas Campion, and the two Daniels by Erik S. Ryding XXV p39 – Daniel Fischlin
  • Review of Œvres de Gumprecht, ed. Christian Meyer and Monique Rollin XXV p45 – Wallace Rave
  • Review of L’Air de cour en France, 1571 – 1655 by Georgie Durosoir XXV p49 – Louis E. Auld
  • Communication on Severinus Press – L. J. Hewitt

JLSA 24 (1991)

  • “Francesco Canova and his Family in Milan: New Documents” XXIV p1 – Franco Pavan
  • “Songs with Theorbo by Charles Colman and his Contemporaries in Oxford, Bodleian Library Ms Broxbourne 84.9 and London, Lambeth Palace Library” XXIV p15 – Gordon J. Callon

JLSA 23 (1990)

  • “Une fantaisie de la Renaissance: an Introduction” p1 – John Griffiths
  • “‘Is this Fantasy a Parody?’ Vocal Models in the Free Compositions of Francesco da Milano” p7 – Stefano Mengozzi
  • “The Fantasia sopra . . . in the Works of Jean-Paul Paladin” p18 – Jean-Michel Vaccaro
  • “The Tradition of the ‘La sol fa re mi’ Theme from Josquin to the Neapolitans through an Anonymous 4-part Ricercar” p37- Dinko Fabris
  • “Cabezon, Malheur me bat, and the Process of Musical Reference” p49 – Robert Judd
  • “Problems of Tonality in the Ricercars of Spinacino and Bossinensis” p64 – Piotr Pozniak
  • Review of Performance: Revealing the Orpheus Within by Anthony Rooley p81 – Daniel Fischlin

JLSA 22 (1989)

  • “At Court and at Home with the Vihuela de Mano:  Current Perspectives on the Instrument, its Music, and its World”  p1 – John Griffiths
  • “The Lute Quartets in the Thysius Lute Book”  p28 – Todd Lane
  • Review of A Tutor for the Renaissance Lute by Diana Poulton  p63 – Wallace Rave
  • Communication in response to the Review of The Königsberg Manuscript in Volume XX-XXI  p67 – Arthur J. Ness and John M. Ward

JLSA 20 (1987) & 21 (1988)

  •  “The Early History of the Lute” p1 – Diana Poulton
  • “An Intabulation for Contrabass Lute?” p22 – David Nutter
  • “‘The Highest Key of Passion:’  Inexpressibility and Metaphors of Self in John Dowland’s First Book of Songes or Ayres” p46 – Daniel T. Fischlin
  • “Remarks on Gallot Sources:  How Tablatures Differ” p87 – Wallace J. Rave
  •  “Melchior Neusidler:  Intabulation and Transcription” p108 – Charles Jacobs
  • “Texture in French Baroque Lute Music and Related Ensemble Repertories” p120 – David J. Buch
  • Review of Dance Rhythms of the French Baroque:  a Handbook for Performance by Betty Bang Mather with Dean M. Karns  p155 – Rederick Hammond
  • Review of Continuo Playing on the Lute, Archlute and Theorbo by Nigel North  p157 – Kevin Mason
  • Review of Harpsichord and Lute Music in 17th-Century France by David Ledbetter  p162 – David J. Buch
  • Review of Tablature de luth Italienne dit Siena Manuscrit (ca. 1560-1570), introduction, concordances & index by Arthur J. Ness  p165 – Dinko Fabris
  • Review of The Königsberg Manuscript, introduction, inventory & index by Arthur J. Ness and John M. Ward  p170 – Julia Craig-McFeeley
  • Corrections to his article “‘The Consent of Speaking Harmony:’   The Literary Aesthetics of the English Air” in Volume XIX  p192 – Daniel T. Fischlin

JLSA 19 (1986)

  •  “Parody Versus Paraphrase in G.P. Paladino’s Fantasia on Alcun non puo saper”  p1 – Paul Martell
  •  “Collaboration Between Campion and Rosseter?”  p13 – Erik S. Ryding
  • “‘The Consent of Speaking Harmony:’  The Literary Aesthetics of the English Air”  p29 – Daniel T. Fischlin
  • “A Poet’s Description of the Lute Playing of Silvius Leopold Weiss, and a Possible Link Between Weiss and David Kellner”  p58 – Kenneth Sparr
  • “Arnolt Schlick’s Maria Zart for Lute and Voice:  Background, Sources, Performance”  p68 – Charles Turner
  • Review of Fabritio Caroso:  Nobilità di Dame:  A treatise on courtly dance…, transl., ed. & intro. Julia Sutton  p81 – Emma Lewis Thomas
  • Review of Guitar and Vihuela:  an Annotated Bibliography, by Meredith Alice McCutcheon  p84 – Craig Russell
  • Review of the facsimile edition of Henry Grenerin:  Livre de théorbe contenant plusiers pièces sur differens tons, avec une nouvelle méthode…  p88 – Kevin Mason
  • Review of the facsimile edition of Manuscrit Béthune.  Tablature d’angelique intro. by François Lesure  p91 – Wallace Rave
  • Communication in response to Victor Coelho’s article, “Studies in the Lute and Its Music” in Volume XVII/XVIII  p96 – Philippe Vendrix
  • Communication on creation of a RISM plucked-string catalog committee  p96 – Christian Meyer

JLSA 17 (1984) & 18 (1985)

  •  “A Chitarrone and Lute Manuscript for Stefano Pignatelli”  p1 – J. Michael Allsen
  • “Elias Mertel’s Hortus Musicalis Novus and Progressive Tendencies in the Late Renaissance Lute Fantasia”  p26 – John O. Robison
  • “Pietro Paolo Melii, Musician of Reggio Emilia”  p42 – Francesca Torelli
  •  “The Lute Collection of the Paris Museum of Musical Instruments:  Its Character, Formation and Development”  p50 – Florence Getreau
  • “Some Lutes in Paris Museums, Part 2”  p53 – Joël Dugot
  •  “A Computerized Approach to the Early Italian Lute Ricercar”  p106 – Richard d’A. Jensen
  •  “Transformation in Intabulation”  p114 – Hiroyuki Minamino
  • “Studies in the Lute and Its Music”  p118 – Victor Coelho
  • Review of Manuscrit Barbe, intro. Claude Chauvel  p133 – David J. Buch
  • Review of facsimile editions of Adam Falckenhagen:  Sonate di Liuto, Opera prima and Adam Falckenhagen:  Sei Partite a Liuto solo, Opera secunda  p134 – Richard K. Falkenstein
  • Review of facsimile editions of Franciscus Bossinensis:  Tenori e contrabassi intabulati col sopran in canto figurato per cantar e sonar col lauto, Libro primo and Franciscus Bossinensis:  Tenori e contrabassi intabulati col sopran in canto figurato per cantar e sonar col lauto, Libro secundo  p136 – Richard d’A. Jensen
  • Communication in response to Craig H. Russell’s articles “Santiago de Murcia: The French Connection in Baroque Spain” in Volume XV and “Fran?ois le Cocq’s Influence on Santiago de Murcia: Problems with Dates, Sources and Recomposition” in Volume XVI  p139 – Monica Hall
  • Rebuttal to Monica Hall’s Communication  p141 – Craig Russell
  • Communication in response to Joël Dugot’s article “Some Lutes in Paris Museums, Part 1” in Volume XVI  p142 – Donald Gill
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