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The Journal of the Lute Society of America is an open access scholarly refereed journal and has been published annually since 1968. It is one of the foremost international publications of research and scholarship concerning all aspects of the lute, lute music, and all related early plucked instruments and contains articles by eminent researchers from throughout the world. All volumes can be consulted or downloaded here.

The Journal welcomes contributions. Contact the Editor, John Griffiths for advice regarding preparation of materials for submission, or any other matter. For the LSA Style Guide, please see our Author Resources page.

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JLSA 44 (2011)

  • Perino Fiorentino and the Dentices: A Political Fantasia and the Siena Lute Book – Richard K. Falkenstein
  • Spinacino’s Twelve-Tone Experiment – John Griffiths
  • Hans Newsidler in Nurenburg – Joachim Ludtke
  • Luis de Narvaez: Some Fresh Perspectives on His Life and Music – Michael Fink

JLSA 42 (2009) & 43 (2010)

  • — In celebration of Arthur J. Ness’ 75th Birthday, Part II —
  • “Three Versions of Pierre Gaultier’s Bataille (1626, 1638, 1650)” p1 – François-Pierre Goy
  • “On Lute Sources and Their Music — Individuality of Prints and Variability of Music” p91 – Andreas Schlegel

JLSA 41 (2008)

  • — In celebration of Arthur J. Ness’ 75th Birthday —
  • “Skindapsos, Pandoura, and Trichordon: Hellenistic Lutes?” p1 – Thomas J. Mathiesen
  • “Production and Reception of Petrucci’s Lute Books” p37 – Hiroyuki Minamino
  • “In Search of Renaissance Dance Form: Francesco da Milano” p57 – Otto Gombosi (1902 – 1955)
  • “Omaggio al Divino (2009) for Two Guitars (Excerpt)” p69 – Robert Xavier Rodriguez

JLSA 40 (2007)

  • “The Harrach Lute Manuscripts and the Complete Works of S. L. Weiss” p1 – Tim Crawford
  • “Weiss’s Concerted Music: A Catalogue with Commentary” p44 – Richard Stone
  • Review of E.G. Baron Collected Works, edited by Jan W. J. Burgers p76 – Richard Stone
  • Review of The Thysius Lute Book: Facsimile edition (Dutch Lute Society and Royal Society for Music History of the Netherlands) p78 – Arthur J. Ness
  • Briefly Noted: A Physician’s Lute Book p81 – Arthur J. Ness

JLSA 39 (2006)

  • “Silvius Leopold Weiss and the Dresden and London Manuscripts of His Music” p1 – Tim Crawford
  • ”Italy and the Transformation of Weiss’s Solo Lute Style” p65 – Terrell Stone

JLSA 38 (2005)

  • “The Knights of the Lute: Musical Sources” p1 – Mariagrazia Carlone
  • “Some Observations on the Music of Lorenzino and the Knight of the Lute” p47 – Paul Beier
  • Review of Les luths (Occident): Catalogue des collections du Musée de la Musique, Vol. 1, by Joël Dugot p71 – Douglas Alton Smith
  • Review of The Royal College of Music Museum of Instruments, Catalog Part III: European Stringed Instruments, by Elizabeth Wells and Christopher Nobbs p76 – Daniel Larson

JLSA 36 (2003)

  • “Lute Endclasps in X-Ray Photos” p1 – Klaus Martius & Markus Raquet
  • “Performance Practice Technique for the Baroque Lute: An Examination for the Introduction of Avertissements from Seventeenth-Century Sources” p19 – George Torres
  • “The Celebration of the Losy of Losinthal Family on the Thesis Print from 1667” p49 – Petra Zelenkov? & Martin M?dl
  • Review of Francis Cutting: Collected Lute Music, edited by Jan W. J. Burgers p89 – Douglas Alton Smith

JLSA 35 (2002)

  • “The Case of the Missing Lute” p1 – Eszter Fontana
  • “S. L. Weiss’s Use of the Lower Bass Courses” p10 – Tim Crawford
  • “Sebastian Schelle and the Swan-Necked Lute” p23 – Klaus Martius
  • “The Conservation, Restoration and Reconstruction of S. L. Weiss’s (?) Theorbo” p51 – Wolfgang Wenke
  • “The Edlinger Lutes in Leipzig and Frankfurt am Main” p74 – Eszter Fontana
  • Review of Violin and Lute Makers of Venice: Liuteria Veneziana 1640-1760, by Stefano Pio p102 – Klaus Martius

JLSA 34 (2001)

  • “A Trip to Venice in 1530 by Francesco da Milano” p1 – Mariagrazia Carlone
  • “Perino Fiorentino (1523–1552), His Life and Works” p37 – Richard Falkenstein
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