John Griffiths



John Griffiths


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Musicologist & Performer

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Lute Teacher – Renaissance, Lute Teacher – Continuo, Lute Teacher – Medieval, Professional Performer – Renaissance, Professional Performer – Medieval, Musicologist


John Griffiths plays and vihuela, lute and early guitars, and has is an active researcher in these fields and is editor of the Journal of the Lute Society of America, He is author of the online Vihuela Database (, has written extensively on vihuela, lute and guitar, and is currently completing a reference book on tablature. He is a professorial fellow at the University of Melbourne, and a chercheur associé at the CESR renaissance centre in Tours, France. He serves on the board of Directors of the International Musicological Society. Recognitions include Corresponding Member of the American Musicological Society, Oficial de la Orden de Isabel la Católica, and Member of the Order of Australia.

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