Lutefest 2023 – Wednesday Schedule


Eduardo Egüez

Basso Continuo Applied to Any Plucked Stringed Instrument

This class offers an approach to the compositional, performance and improvisatory practice of the 17th and 18th centuries through musical discursive formulas (opening, development and cadences). The accompaniment of early baroque works details will be the main focus.


John Griffiths

Performing Sixteenth-Century Fantasias and Ricercars

This will have a much more practical focus based on the principles I’ve been developing over the last forty (maybe fifty) years about the fantasia/ricercar as discourse, and the convergence of principles of rhetoric and architecture.


Eduardo Egüez


Masterclasses are open to performers and auditors. If you wish to apply to perform in this masterclass, please be sure to check the box on the first page of this form. You will need to send an audition video to the Festival Director. More information will provided after registration.


Sylvain Bergeron

Playing the Lute with (Good) Attitude

Developing confidence through technique. Developing a good practice routine. An overview of approaches to the lute: general posture, right and left hand positions and techniques, sound production, etc.


Xavier Diaz-Latorre

Unveiling the Harmonic Foundations: Italian Basso Continuo on the Theorbo—A Personalized Pedagogical Journey

Embark on a captivating exploration of Italian Basso Continuo on the Theorbo, as you uncover the harmonic foundations that underpin this enchanting musical tradition. This subject offers a unique opportunity to design your own pedagogical path, tailoring your learning experience to suit your individual musical interests  and goals.


Bor Zuljan

Concert: An English Dreame

Music by Dowland, Coprario, Campion, Jones, Johnson, Hume, Warlock performed by Clara Brunet, voice, and Bor Zuljan, orpharion and renaissance lute. ’Tis dawn once again and mysterious Night slowly engulfs the world. All living things come to a rest and Silence reigns it all. A series of songs parade before our eyes and our souls embark on a journey, solemnly marching unto an English Dreame.