Wappen Guitar by Ludwig Reisinger

May 22, 2023

For Sale

An outstanding instrument from one of the most renowned guitar builders in history – Ludwig Reisinger (b.1863)

A rare Wappen guitar with a 22 fret (High D) ebony floating fingerboard with Stauffer style adjustable action/removable neck.

This is truly one of the best sounding ‘historical” guitars I have played. With a beautiful voluminous and brilliant tone balanced and precise with clarity across all registers. A perfect balance between a singing bright, and warm rich timbre. The balance between bass, mids and highs is astounding. Each string has it’s own unique colour as was desired by the 19th century guitarists. Excellent volume, great sustain and carrying power with Ideal string action and a pristine fingerboard and frets makes this guitar very easy to play. One can really fly on it.

This is a professional guitar suitable for the concert hall or of great value to collectors and museums.

The sound and responsiveness and how the guitar speaks is mind blowing.

SEE THE VIDEO https://youtu.be/CWgJq0BYDfM

Constructed with the finest materials – spruce top, gorgeous flaming maple sides and back, ebony floating fingerboard with a clock-key adjustable neck/string action. Beautiful original bone tuners in excellent working condition. This unique form is known is a Wappen guitar and was a popular form, particularly in Austria and Germany during the last part of the 19th century and early 20th Century. This guitar would have been built around the turn of the century.

Reisinger was one of the most celebrated Viennese builders of the late 19th-Century. His guitars now fetch exceptionally high prices and are continuing to rise in value. Reisinger was a student of Ignaz Johann Bucher who was a student of Johann Georg Stauffer (who also taught C.F. Martin). In a way Reisinger is the last step in the tradition of great 19th century guitar builders particularly of the Viennese/Stauffer tradition, and truly his instruments, in sound and playability exemplify the apex of this style of guitar, and through his influence on Hermann Hauser paves the way for the next generation of building, as Hauser was deeply inspired by Reisinger’s guitars.

This instrument is a priceless find for a guitarist performing 19th-Century music or an investor/collector of rare instruments.

In full playable condition, but naturally bears the wear typical of an instrument of such vintage.

String length 61cm

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