Tiorbino by Ivo Magherini (2017)

September 8, 2022

For Sale

Tiorbino by Ivo Magherini (2017)

I have decided to sell my Tiorbino after Venere, made by Ivo Magherini in 2017. It is a superb instrument and a very exact copy of the original. It  is in excellent “like new” condition.

The tiorbino has a superb, strong, and bright tone throughout and really good projection. The stopped string length is 52.5 cm, and the extension is 97 cm. Excellent action throughout and a very comfortable instrument to play, since the body is so small and the neck really nice and thin.

The instrument comes with a custom case by Victor Vorko, it is ultra lightweight and has a backpack option.

The instrument is in Paris.

Photos below with additional photos available here.

For more information, including price, please contact: luthcrdpantin@gmail.com

Paris, France
CONTACT luthcrdpantin@gmail.com