Theorbo For Sale

July 5, 2022

For Sale

Builder: Rob Mavrinac circa 1991
Length: 76/126cm(ish) string length, 7 stopped strings
Misc: K&K microphone array installed under the soundboard – it’s electric!

Description: I’ve owned this instrument for 9 years and played with several orchestras and chamber groups, and it has treated me very well. I’m only selling it to finance other instruments. This instrument is on the short side for a theorbo, but it is loud for its size, so it is well suited for both solo and ensemble rep, and easier to handle physically than some of the larger instruments.

Disclaimer: 6 years ago, this theorbo got in an unfortunate fight with my house cat, and lost. The top came off completely, but it came off very cleanly and the only broken part was right near the neck joint (where not much vibration happens anyway). Afterward, I had all the internal bracing tightened up by an expert luthier, had the K&K mic array installed, and the top reattached. The instrument has been perfectly stable since that accident.

Recording (on the right):

USD 4,800 plus shipping
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
CONTACT willits w (at) gmail (dot) com (remove spaces etc)