Theorbo by Michael Schreiner, 2018 & 2020

November 7, 2021

For Sale

78/105 cm, reworked by maker in 2020. Strung in Gamut 14–6 (Gimp silver, Gimp, Lyon, wound gut core), Aquila NNG 5–1. Kingham case. New condition.

Bold, complex, loveable sound; rings like a larger theorbo and cuts through lighter textures of a period-instrument orchestra effortlessly. Swan neck extension commissioned by me for less back strain and greater portability. I love its sound, but the instrument’s shell is incompatible with my body size, so I must try again.

The price is $9000 USD, what I paid with the Larson strings. Can be played in Philadelphia. Buyer pays shipping, but prefer in-person collection.

Videos & photos below.
In each of these videos, the lute is heard through the house mains. The lute mic is off.
• Video Chamber
• Video String Orchestra
• Video Full Orchestra

USD 9,000 + shipping
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States