Ten Course Lute by Grant Tomlinson

August 27, 2021

For Sale

I am selling my ten course lute by Grant Tomlinson to make room in my closet, and my budget, for some new instruments. It is a marvelous instrument and I only part with it because my repertoire focus has changed. Currently strung in veil ton at a=415, but works just as well at 392 or in accords nouveaux.
Grant built it in 2009. The photos and description on his website (bottom of his “ten course” page) are of my exact lute. The only correction is, he managed to get a 10th tied fret on the neck, which is very handy for its customary repertoire. http://www.tomlinsonlutes.com/ten.html
The lute has minimal wear, just the customary faint smudge on the face where the pinky finger rests.

USD 8,200 Buyer pays shipping and insurance.
Minneapolis, MN, United States
CONTACT twlutenist@gmail.com