Rental Lutes for the LSA

August 26, 2023


The Lute Rental Program Needs More Lutes!

The Lute Rental Program frequently has applicants waiting, but not enough lutes for them all. We have a crying need for 8-course Renaissance lutes in G, i.e. with a string length of 62 cm or less. Please—if you’re not using your old student lute, we have somebody who wants to rent it! Don’t worry about its worn strings and loose frets–we’ll take care of that.

Interest in the baroque lute is also growing fast. With renters often waiting for 11-course and 13-course lutes, we would be very grateful for more such donations. And there are always waiting lists for archlutes and theorbos.

The Lute Rental Program gladly welcomes donations of lutes of all other types, also baroque and Renaissance guitars, vihuelas, colasciones, citterns–all early plucked-string instruments. Your donation will be recognized on our website, and with a plaque affixed to the lute’s case. The LSA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, authorized to acknowledge your donation for tax purposes. The Lute Rental Program is also grateful for your legacy donation, if you wish to remember us in you will.

If you wish to donate an instrument, or money to buy one, please contact the Lute Rental Program Director.


For information on renting an instrument, please see the Lute Rental Program web page.