Renaissance Guitars

April 8, 2023

For Sale

For sale: Batch (12) of renaissance guitars. These are a result of the Covid 19 lockdown and a surplus of truly nice wood too small for larger instruments. They are made of Cherry, walnut, bubinga, maple, and pau rosa. They all have cases – either baritone ukulele cases that are a bit too large and require some padding or crappy plywood cases that are quite serviceable but look like they have been built by a homeless person with a rusty screwdriver. They all sound and play well. The Renaissance guitar is the perfect continuo instrument for early stuff like the Cantigas de Santa Maria, but also has a large a quite good repertoire from the 16th century. Some of these have a heart on the back of the peg-head, some have flowers on the bridge arms. Come to New jersey and try them all.

USD 750 plus shipping
New Jersey, United States
CONTACT Joseph Mayes 856 858 8902 or