Original 19th century Early Romantic Guitar for sale

June 5, 2024

For Sale

An outstanding 19th century guitar from Spain circa 1840 in excellent performance ready condition. A true masterpiece, and rare specimen. This is a suitable instrument for professional use at the highest level of concert performance, as well an extremely important historical guitar for collectors.

The guitar was constructed by Pablo Hierro, circa. 1840. Master guitarist/composer Miguel Llobet kept a guitar from Pablo Hierro in his private collection, which is now held in the Museum de la música de Barcelona.

This guitar is also ideal for professional recordings.

With a stunning sound, well balanced, rich and full.

SEE VIDEO https://youtu.be/ItUnvz6CwrU

The guitar has been restored to perfect playing condition and performs cleanly across all registers with remarkable balance. With a full rich and voluminous sound with incredible basses ad singing trebles and well-poised mids, and most importantly the guitar has impeccable intonation.

It has a sound and beauty that only Spanish construction seems to manifest.

With ideal string action it is a great pleasure to play and just melts beautifully in your hands. It is truly one of the most special instruments I have owned. I am sad to sell it!

The materials used are of the highest quality. With meticulously exact construction. Spruce top, and a Cuban mahogany back that is absolutely stunning.

Not only is this an exceptional instrument of the highest order for performance, but as well it is a very important historical guitar in that it displays the unique intersection that took place between Spanish – (Hierro was Catalan actually) and French builders.

Hierro was from Tortosa Spain – Catalonia.

Hierro learned guitar making with Francisco España III, who spent some time in Paris or Mirecourt learning the French method and models, exactly like Rafael Altimira. Catalan makers from 19th century made guitars with French models, Andalusian models and Catalan models too. Catalan guitars from the late 18th century (España I, Matabosch, Llausàs, Xemena…) are closer to French guitars than Spanish ones, and for this reason Hierro’s guitars are as good as any Paris or Mirecourt guitar, and exactly like España or Altimira guitars in quality.

This rare guitar exemplifies the best of the two traditions of French and Spanish guitar building.

An ideal instrument for historically informed performance practice of the 19th century classical/romantic repertoire.

The dimensions are absolutely ideal (in my opinion).

64cm string length

4.8 cm nut.

Feel free to make contact regarding further questions. There are plenty more photos.

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