Noble and high-quality Oud (2015)

March 23, 2024

For Sale

Noble and high-quality Oud (2015) from Vincenz Bachmayer, Munich

Walnut shell with rosewood, 25 shavings

Walnut pegbox and neck with rosewood
Cocobolo pegs

Spruce top (wood seasoned for almost 36 years)
Rosewood rosette
The playing protection on the top is made of rosewood
Ebony fingerboard

Scale length 58.5 cm

Tuning: dd aa ee BB F#F# E
Strings from Pyramid
With very good case
original price 4.200 €

Link to photos:

Selling a high-quality oud built in 2015 by Vincenz Bachmayer from Munich, one of the experts in Germany for the construction of Arabic lutes.

The oud comes from the first owner and is in mint condition. I am selling the instrument because I have been playing the lute and theorbo in concerts almost exclusively since I have owned it and I simply don’t have enough time for the oud.

Anyone who knows Vincenz Bachmayer will know that this is one of the most distinguished oud makers in Germany, to whom the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation dedicated a television program around 2015, the year the instrument was built, and who won the Bavarian State Government’s Master Prize.

Price: VB 3.900 €

The price quoted is negotiable, but I would be pleased to receive realistic
realistic asking price. If your idea of a good price is too far away from my ideas
too far from my ideas, then perhaps we can save ourselves time and effort if you do not make me an offer not submit your offer. Please only contact me if you are seriously interested.

Collection in Lübeck, Germany, would be my preference, but shipping is also possible (shipping costs are not included in the price). The goods are sold under exclusion of any warranty.

EUR 3,900 + shipping and insurance
Lübeck, Germany