Large Theorbo by Paolo Busato

September 9, 2021

For Sale

14-course Chitarrone, built by Paolo Busato (Padova) in 2017, based on a Venetian model by Matteo Sellas 1640 (Paris E.547).
Back of cypress, neck inlays of ebony and boxwood.
String length is 86cm/170cm. Perfect for continuo work and the Italian repertoire (Kapsperger, Piccinini, Castaldi). I used a similar instrument by the same maker for my “Roma 1623” concert, available on YouTube. The instrument on sale is in near mint condition and has a wonderfully resonant, percussive tone, with strong basses and shimmering high register. The reason I’m selling it is that I quit music for another profession.
Home demo of the instrument:
Comes with custom-fitted travel case.

EUR 7,000
Freiburg, Germany or Basel, Switzerland