Historic Guitar circa 1830 in the Lacote style

April 24, 2021

For Sale

This circa 1830 guitar bears no label, but (how common this is I don’t know) has a body outline that is an exact match to the Lacote featured on the Crane website. I acquired it at a French auction several years ago. Extraordinarily nice sound per local early romantic guitar players who have played it. Action professionally re-set so it is appropriately low.

Numerous small past repairs and the usual signs of surface wear. It has remained stable and in good playing order over the time I’ve owned it. I’m happy to send detailed pictured of every square cm of the instrument if you have serious interest. Comes in a hard case.

Width at nut: 46 mm (or perhaps 45.5?) and string length: 62.8 cm.

The distance between fingerboard bottom of first string at 12th fret: 3.5mm.

The distance between top of 12th fret and bottom of first string: 2.5 mm.

Payments accepted via PayPal only. Buyer to pay packing/shipping.

USD 2,500 + shipping
Portland, Oregon, United States
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