German Baroque Lute made by Hermann Hauser I 1921

September 21, 2021

For Sale

A very unique 10-course Baroque Lute made by the famous German luthier Hermann Hauser I in 1921. Hauser was one of the most important luthiers for classical guitars in the 20th century but not only that, he was also an excellent lutemaker. This lute here was his “top model” you could say, as i know – he made only 20pcs of this 3-part rosette at the spruce top. This instrument is in perfect condition, every single part – even the endpin is original and that makes it really peerless. Only the varnish ( handmade French polish ) is new, but it is made after an old varnish recipe and the strings are handmade by Kürschner a German string maker.

For sure is, you will never ever find a Hauser Lute in that condition. The restoration was made in cloth collaboration with the lutemaker Urs Langenbacher, which is an expert for Hauser Lutes and an excellent German Luthier. About pricing and value – Hermann Hauser I instruments had reached prices up to $120,000 for his famous “Segovia Guitar” a similar Lute is shown at the German Museum Munich and a 9-course Baroque Lute made 1920 is currently offered at ( please check the pictures ) for $12,500 $9,500. If you compare both instruments, you will easily see the difference.

$15,000 would be much money but not for this gorgeous instrument. To make a really good offer, the last price is $12,500 $9,500 incl. shipping + insurance. The Lute comes with his original transport crate, also made by Hermann Hauser I for this Lute when he sent it from Munich to Regensburg by mail ( it is written on the crate ). That crate makes this instrument to a real treasure!

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USD 9,500