Eppinette des Vogses, which is an early ancestor of the applachian dulcimer, and an early hummel.

January 31, 2019

For Sale

The Epinette was made by Edward R. Turner the Gnglish-Canadain lutheir who has instruments in the National Museum of Canada. The Hummel was made by the gaelic harp maker Jay Witcher, who recreated the gaelic harp and was offered the position of the state harp maker for the Republic of Eire. Both instruments were made as copies of museum instruments. both play very well. The Epinette is in excellent condition, with spruce top(canadian sitka) and maple back and sides, the Hummel, has a top crack, but cedar top and walnut back and sides. both sound great.s
I am asking $500 for the Epinette and $400 for the Hummel.

USD 900 ($500 for Epinette and $400 for Hummel)
New Brunswick, Canada
CONTACT Please e mail for for info and pictures to johnlavers@yahoo.com