Early Romantic Concert Guitar – Ludwig Reisinger (1863-1938) 

December 29, 2023

For Sale

A masterpiece from one of the most acclaimed guitar builders in history.

The guitar is in absolutely perfect playing condition.

The ease of playability is sensational. One can really fly on this guitar. The fingerboards and frets are in impeccable condition, it is almost like playing a brand new instrument.

Beautiful 22-fret ebony floating fingerboard with  Stauffer-style detachable neck/adjustable action, perfectly calibrated. It can even start below 3mm, and be adjusted it to whatever your preference is. Perhaps also depending on the repertoire, and how strong you want to play. . It comes with two necks, one in the early romantic guitar tradition with a 4.4cm. nut width, and the other a larger neck with a 5cm nut width. Which is awesome. Both are 22 fret – high d!

SEE VIDEO https://youtu.be/IbCzy-YZUD0

As with all Reisinger guitars it sounds amazing and plays like a dream.
The very best quality woods have been used with impeccable craftsmanship.

Reisinger is one of the most important builders in the Stauffer/Viennese tradition Stauffer, Martin, Reisinger. In a way he is the last step in the tradition, and his instruments demonstrate that in their superlative quality and craftsmanship. Reisinger is the culmination of the line.

This is a completely professional instrument for touring and concerts at the highest level.
An ideal instrument for performance practice technique of the classical/romantic repertoire.

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