Early Music Shop EMS Theorbo with custom hard case

June 18, 2023

For Sale

Purchased in 2008 and used while I was a student and has been stored since 2011. I don’t have the time to play anymore and want to see this beautiful instrument go to someone who can enjoy playing it.

This theorbo is 180cm long and has a wonderful, bright sound. Strung with 8 nylgut diapasons and 6 single courses – 5 are nylgut and the 6th course is gut. It has some minor scratches and dings that are to be expected with any used instrument but is in perfect playing condition. It has a minor cosmetic defect on the joint between two of the ribs on the back.

I built the case myself because the case sold by EMS was too expensive for me when I was a student. It is made of padded wood and is heavy but works well and the eye bolts can be used for a carrying strap.

Here is a video of the theorbo being played. Apologies for the low quality – this was taken with a camcorder in 2009:


 Additional photos are available here.

I am willing to share more pictures and answer any questions over email – please contact me if you are interested. 

USD 2,300 + shipping
Montana, near Glacier National Park, United States
CONTACT matthewccovey@gmail.com