Beginners’ 6, 7 or 8 course lute

April 21, 2024


I’m attending the Cleveland Lutefest in June 2024 from the UK, flight tickets already booked with British Airways (though it seems the flights will be American Airlines). I’ve since been looking into bringing a lute over … seemingly BA policy doesn’t allow it go hand luggage, it needs to go in the hold or in a very expensive additional seat – so either very risky or very pricey. I don’t much fancy taking my Luke Emmett 8 course on several flights, at the mercy of the fabled Heathrow baggage handlers both ways, through US customs at JFK etc.

I was wondering if anyone might have a modestly priced lute sitting unused (perhaps a Roosebeck or some such) that I could purchase and have sent to Cleveland?

Please contact montesquieu61 [at] googlemail [dot] com

United States
CONTACT montesquieu61 [at] googlemail [dot] com