Baroque guitar by Timothy Johnson (2017)

April 30, 2023

For Sale

Baroque guitar by Timothy Johnson (2017) based on Stradivarius’ designs. Torrified Spruce top. Highly flamed Maple back and sides. Maple neck. Ebony and Maple front and back peghead overlays. Maple bridge. Bone nut. 8 Ebony pegs. 9 gut and 5 wooden frets. Currently strung with Nylgut strings for A=440 with  bourdons on the A and E courses, and an octave string on the G course. 640mm/25.19″ scale. Roosebeck  hardshell case.

Marvelous sound and less than 5 hours playing time, so you will be able to finish breaking it in! One of only  two guitars made by this well known and widely-respected luthier. New price $5,000 US. Asking $3,750.
Email for more photos.

USD 3,750
Lubbock, Texas, United States
CONTACT landesroger(at)gmail(dot)com.