Antique Guitar Lute

August 3, 2023

For Sale

The maker tag is very hard to read and I do not know German. Selling for best offer – I think I know the approximate value but I do not need top dollar – like you to have a bit of a good bargain. If we can meet is a plus so that if it does not need boxed and shipped that would definitely be a plus all around. Fine dovetail all around on the wood coffin case (no lid). One piece back has no cracks. Seem and cracks on top need glue. Fret board also is loose and 2 fret bars on the bottom are missing. Look closely where the head piece joins the fret board – on one side the decorative small side piece is level / missing.

30-inch Length (not smaller 24-inch typical to mandolin) plus violin type curl to the head.

Additional photos available here.

USD Williamsport, Pennsylvania, United States