An outstanding professional 4-course Medieval lute

March 22, 2024

For Sale

A Medieval lute of this quality is certainly the rarest of lutes to find. This lute has been built according to the highest standard and the choicest materials have been used, with impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail. The flaming maple sides and back are stunning, with a neck of matching beauty. Constructed by the British luthier John Duncalf in 1985.


The lute plays  beautifully, with ideal string action and a perfect neck, which is incredibly comfortable in the hand. A large sound with excellent projection with a singing tone, perfectly balanced throughout all registers. This is a professional instrument for the discerning musician which can used at the highest level of concert performance.

A very rare larger tenor medieval lute, it works wonderfully as a solo instrument or for accompaniment.
I choose to play the 4-course lute as a fretless instrument, but one could also use tie-on gut frets as well.

The lute comes with a top of the line custom fitted Paxman case.

This instrument has an added ethos to it as it has an exceptional history. I acquired it from the estate of Ephraim Segerman a historian and musician of singular importance in the field of early music who literally wrote the book on the historical study of instruments.

String length 70cm

It is very sad to part with this rare treasure!

Do not hesitate to make contact regarding further questions and there are plenty more photos. For price inquire.