Professional 7-Course Renaissance Lute from master Luthier George Stevens

May 9, 2022

For Sale

George Stevens is recognised one of the world’s foremost lute builders and his instruments are used by the top professional concert artists.

His instruments are renowned for their beauty of tone and projection, playibility and impeccable craftsmanship.
Constructed with the finest materials. Perfectly balanced through all registers. A treasure of lutherie. Gorgeous and rare 11 rib cornish cherry back with cedar soundboard lending it an impeccable golden tone.


I am sorrowfully parting with this wonder of an instrument at this reduced price
The starting price for lute from George Stevens is 3900£ approx 5100 USD with a long waiting list. The low price is primarily to hasten an expedient sale. There is also a small indent/crack on the right side of the soundboard due to an accidental fall. By the grace of God it is right above a brace so not of any great danger to the instrument. Several luthiers have looked at the instrument and all have agreed to leave it as is, as it is of no consequential threat. It  could be restored if the new owner so chooses.

String length: 61cm
Width at nut: 5cm
String spacing at bridge: 9cm

Currently strung with Aquila Nylgut.
Comes with hardcase.

Do not hesitate to ask further questions.

EUR 1,700