8 Renaissance Guitars For Sale

March 18, 2024

For Sale

Here is another group of Renaissance guitars from my shop. I have discovered a great way to use smaller pieces of fine wood – and in the case of these necks, a dining room table made of extremely hard maple. They all have custom-fitted, lovingly hand-crafted carrying cases made from splendid laminate. (crappy plywood cases)
They are laid out in the pictures from numbers 2 through 9 (#1 sold immediately) The woods are:
  • #2 cherry w/maple spacers
  • #3 pau rosa
  • #4 purpleheart
  • #5 Cherry
  • #6 cherry with maple spacers with pau rosa sides
  • #7 Cherry w/maple spacers sides are maple w/rosewood spacers
  • #8 Cherry w/maple spacers
  • #9 Cherry
#s 2-5 have a scale length of 50 mm. 6-9 are 54mm.
$800 USD plus shipping (each)

USD 800 plus shipping
United States
CONTACT Mayes 856 858 8902 or mayeskl@comcast.net