8 Course Renaissance Lute by Raymond Passauro-Zuccaro (1968)

May 11, 2023

For Sale

I’m selling an 8 course Renaissance Lute from Belgian Luthier and sculpture Artist Raymond Passaurro Zuccaro – one of the grandfathers of historical lute making. So whilst it was made in 1968 it is still a historical instrument in its sense. It is fully playable and a collectors piece.

The instrument seems to have been played seldomly, there are no marks, it is astonishingly well preserved. It is strung with Nylgut, string length 59cm.

The sound is very clear and well projecting.

The lute comes with its hard case.

Additional photos available here.

EUR 1,800
Montreux, Switzerland
CONTACT mail.angela.ivanova@gmail.com