8 Course Renaissance Lute by Anton Smith (1976)

August 22, 2023

For Sale

Renaissance Lute with 8 courses, made by Anton Smith in 1976, for guitarist Edward Flower. Edward Flower commissioned Anton to make this lute for him upon the recommendation of Julian Bream. Anton Smith worked with Bream at his estate in Semley, Wiltshire in the early 70’s and made a number of lutes for him.

This instrument is extremely light, and although it was constructed in the Bream hybrid style, popular with guitarists in the 1970s, it can easily be adapted to become an historical model with the substitution of a tied bridge, and the application of gut frets. Regardless of such details, this is a phenomenal instrument with a depth and sweetness of sound, and responsiveness rarely found in any plucked instrument. It has graced many of the great concert halls on the planet, and is a joy to play.

USD 5,000
Sheffield, Massachusetts, United States
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