8 Course Renaissance Lute after Hans Frei by Ken Brodkey (2006)

November 16, 2023

For Sale

For sale: an 8 course Hans Frei 62 cm renaissance lute made in 2006 by Ken Brodkey. The instrument is in very good condition but there are some scratches on the neck where the frets are tied, some wear on the veneer at the top of the pegbox, and a small ding on the top near the 12th fret – all flaws are captured in the attached photos.

The instrument projects well with the tone a bit on the dry side; the two sound samples below were made with a condenser mic and a bit of reverb added in the recording software. For the recording and photos the lute was strung at 415 with savarez trebles and wound pyramid basses, but it is now strung with nylgut and tuned to 440. I am selling to finance the purchase of a 10 course lute. Comes with a Kingham case.

The instrument is located in San Diego, CA, and the buyer must pick it up.

Additional photos and video available here.

USD 2,500 cash only
San Diego, California, United States
CONTACT pat.setzer@sbcglobal.net