8 Course lute by John Hall 

June 28, 2022

For Sale

8 course lute by John Hall (1974)

Modeled on Venere / Tieffenbrucker Vienna Sam32 / C36 (1582)

Comes with original Hall “coffin” case.

A truly classic lute by a pioneering figure. Crafted by the late Australian luthier John “Ben” Hall 1935-2017, mentor of Stephen Murphy, at Wentworth Falls in Sydney’s Blue Mountains region during the mid 1970s, when he shared a workshop with Peter Biffin and Greg Smallman. Clear, loud, sweet, fills large halls easily, lightly made yet structurally robust. Great for all settings – solo, songs, continuo, opera. Maple neck and back, spruce soundboard, with ebony bridge, pegs and veneer on neck.  Large soundboard for 66cm vibrating string length, close to the original, with comfortable wide spacing between courses.

Additional photos available here.

$4000 AUD / $2700 USD/EU

AUD 4,000 + shipping
Sydney, Australia
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