8 course lute by Grant Tomlinson after the C36 Venere (Vancouver, Canada: 2014)

December 13, 2022

For Sale

Modern pitch f ‘.  May also be tuned to low pitch g’.

    String length: 66.5 cm.

Based on the 7 course tenor lute by Vvendelio Venere, Padua 1582, in the Vienna Kunsthistorischesmuseum (C36).

This is one of the flagship lutes on Grant’s  website and can be seen here:

Back of rare old-growth 13 striped yew ribs with both heartwood and sapwood.  The neck and peg-box are veneered with ebony.  The fingerboard, points and edge binding are of ebony.  Inlaid ebony heart below the bridge.   This is the tenor in the family of surviving Venere lutes (Octave: C41 Venere, SL 29 cm; Treble: C39 and C40 Venere, SL 44 cm; Alto: 1592 Venere, SL 58.4 cm; Tenor: C36 1582 Venere, SL 66.5 cm).

The lute was recently back with Grant for a refurbishment and is in absolutely perfect condition, with a brand-new veneer.

The lute comes with a custom Kingham case.

Instrument is visible in Paris.

Photos below.

Asking Price: €8500 (list price + case)

The instrument can be heard on the solo discs “Il Barbarino” and “Jacques le Polonais” by Paul Kieffer.

Additional photos available here.

EUR 8,500
Paris, France
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