7 course renaissance lute by Mel Wong

January 9, 2021

For Sale

This is a smaller 7 c instrument made by Mel Wong (label says Blackbird San Francisco, no date) with string length of 59.8 cm that is happiest as an a’ lute at A=415 but could be strung in g’ at A=440. Bowl is made of gautambu, a dense Brazilian hardwood with properties similar to rosewood. Currently strung in gut except a nylon chanterelle and one broken string replaced with nylgut, it has a clear bell-like tone in the upper registers. Wonderful for Francesco, etc. Selling to “thin the herd” – just not playing this one enough. Comes with an older style robust hard case.

USD 2,200 + shipping
CT, United States
CONTACT ljohng1@gmail.com