7 Course Renaissance Lute by Fritz Ober

March 11, 2023

For Sale

A professional grade 7-Course Renaissance Lute constructed by master luthier Fritz Ober.

A stunning masterpiece of lutherie this lute has been built by what many consider to be one of the best luthiers of the last century.

Fritz Ober (1955-2020) is world renowned as the builder of some of the world’s finest guitars, but he actually began as a builder of lutes and historical instruments. This lute exemplifies his remarkable and precise craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Built according to the manner of historical lute construction, it is an extremely light and resonant instrument with excellent projection and volume. Very easy to play with ideal string action. Well balanced throughout all registers. This lute is built to the standard of the most modern lute construction based on recent historical research.

SEE VIDEO https://youtu.be/eNIZTNt1qnM

This is a rare instrument as Fritz Ober later focused on guitar construction.

Outstanding materials of the highest quality have been used. Spruce soundboard, ebony fingerboard, I am not sure exactly what the back ribs are, but it is gorgeous! The tuning pegs are finely carved and work perfectly.

This is a professional instrument worthy of the concert hall and for use in the context of historically informed performance practice.

The lute is in excellent condition. Aside from the general wear that takes place where the pinky rests, there are no serious cosmetic blemishes and no cracks in the instrument.

This is one of the most difficult instruments I have had to part with, but it is in order to purchase another rare and very important instrument.

String length: 59cm

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CONTACT poliviosart@gmail.com