6 course renaissance professional vihuela by Stephen Barber and Sandi Harris

January 26, 2022

For Sale

Dear friends, I sell a fantastic and precious six-course concert vihuela made by Stephen Barber and Sandi Harris. It is based on the “vihuela de Paris”, Cité de la Musique No. E.0748. This vihuela is a luxury instrument, extremly beautiful, and that sounds great.


– It is a vaulted back vihuela with 7 ribs (identical in construction to the Chambure vihuela), made of highly ornamental mahogany.
– Neck and headstock: cedar.
– Pegs: Pernambuco.
– Fingerboard: ornameltal afzelia with bone edges.
– Bridge with bone finial ends.
– Bone panel lines at lower junction of sides.
– Rosette: beautiful and unique.
– Strung with Aquila new Nylgut and Aquila CD (Also possible with nylon and Pyramid wound)

It has a beautiful sound, very clear, rounded and full; It projects great. It is a vihuela that “clears up” each note, making it ideal for playing polyphony, and it is also very comfortable and easy to play, allowing for easy high-speed play.

Reason for sale: I am a violagambista and cellist. I bought the vihuela to play a duo with my brother, but I don’t have time to play it, and it is a vihuela that deserves to be played. The vihuela is almost brand new. I have taken care of it with great care, as you can see it in the photos. It has a Kingham case.

Contact by p. m. for more information, photos, price and payment conditions.

Soria, Spain
CONTACT pablobaleta@yahoo.es