6 c. Renaissance professional lute by Stephen Barber and Sandi Harris

October 15, 2020

For Sale

Dear friends, I sell a fantastic and precious six-course concert lute made by Stephen Barber and Sandi Harris. It is a luxury instrument, extremly beautiful, and that sounds great. Features:
– 11 ribs in a very highly-figured, hard “quilted” maple, extremely ornamental (it has an impressive three-dimensional effect on the ribs): the 11 ribs were sawn in sequence from a single plank, and were finished with oil-based amber varnish.
– Fingerboard: figured satinwood, edged with bone.
– Soundboard: Haselfichte “bearclaw” spruce, very ornamental, and of the highest quality.
– Neck and pegbox: pear.
– Pegs: heart-shaped pegs made in pernambuco.
– String length: 54 cm.
Reason for sale: I am a violagambista and cellist. I bought the lute to play a duo with my brother, but I don’t have time to play it, and it is a lute that deserves to be played.
It has a very clear, rounded, full sound; Projects great, with a very special and precious sound and presence. It´s a lute that makes every single note clear, making it ideal for playing polyphony, but it´s very easy and convenient to play too, so it´s also an instrument that can easily be played at high speed. It´s ideal both for playing solo repertoire (super comfortable for string length and for its response, that it´s excellent), as in consort of lutes and broken consort… Particularly well-suited to the more demanding renaissance repertoire (where some of the left-hand stretches can be quite difficult).
It’s stringed with nygut and gut now.
The lute is almost brand new. I have taken care of it with great care, as you can see it in the photos. It has a Kingham case.

Soria, Spain
CONTACT pablobaleta@yahoo.es